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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. We thought that the hirers of our narrowboats, and those with an interest in canal and canal boats in general might like to follow the fitting out of the new boat to the fleet, CARLTON. These pages will not be comprehensive but will be placed on the website as and when time permits, and with photographs that we have been able to obtain because we were in the right place at the right time. Text to the pictures will follow as I, the one who writes the web pages, learn more about the process. Rob Bryan, Boat Services, also based on the Ashby Canal at Stoke Golding, is responsible for the overall fitout of the canal boat CARLTON. This means he, or his team, will be responsible for the majority of the fitting out of the interior of the narrowboat. You can also see a pipe passing down each side of the hull, these are to allow water (rain) that falls in the forward cockpit to pass through to the engine compartment where the automatic bilge pump will pump it out of the boat. So, you are able to see the propeller, the round gold coloured (bronze) item in front of the rudder.

With this image you are able to understand how the boat steers, with the force of the water coming from the propeller being deflected by the rudder either left or right. With the tiller arm pushed to the right as you look forward the rudder will deflect the force of the water to the left, and the back of the boat will move right. Even though there will be a large amount of weight added to the boat during the fitting out process, extra weight is needed in the form of ballast to establish the correct level in the water for the boat. This is a necessary precaution just in case water should get below the floor it will not be absorbed by the ballast.
I am told the pallet of bricks weighs over two tonnes, and nearly all the bricks were used as shown in the photograph. A layer of good quality thick bituminous roofing felt was laid on the floor of the hull before placing the bricks.
Here you can see that the battening of the steel reinforcing cross members has already taken place. The floor is then laid on to the battens, the floor sections are cut so that they begin and end in the middle of the batten, to ensure a rigid floor.

While I have the space I can point out all hidden battening is tanalised with Cuprinol to prevent any future problems. It also allows greater flexibility in the design of the interior of the boat, such as the size of the rooms and other internal fittings. The outer collar is bolted into the steel of the roof, and then the top hemisphere is bolted to the collar. The Ashby Boat Company limited has approved procedures for the hand over of boats to hirers. Margot Robbie packs on the PDA as the bikini-clad beauty and beau Tom Ackerley do their best Dirty Dancing moves in St.
When using bricks they must of engineering quality as engineering bricks will not absorb water.

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