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They blend a variety of styles into their work including Refined Adirondack, Live Edge, Reclaimed Barn Wood, and Mission Decor. Many of their pieces have mortise and tenon joinery, dovetail drawers, and environmentally safe hand rubbed natural finishes. This summer we were hard at work installing some new rustic furniture and also some rustic interior elements at The Lodges of Church Landing. Big thanks goes out to Rusty McLear and Patricia Sava for bringing us on board this great project and to their continued business. On a recent trip to Disneyland we spotted this rather adventurous looking listening post in line for the Jungle Cruise attraction. National marketing's description of the NC-125: "Now at last, you can get immediate delivery on the receiver that gives you more selectivity per dollar - the only receiver with the famed Select-O-Ject circuit built in !
If you find yourself in Disneyland, do wander over to the Jungle Cruise and have a look at all the interesting items as you snake through the queue.
The data is available for download in various formats to facilitate uploading into your own local database or spreadsheet for searching or formatting into your own custom directory of favorites.

Found an interesting shortwave broadcast today on 9480 KHz on WTWW in Tennessee, USA called, QSO Radio Show with Ted Randall. If you are looking for interesting shortwave programming in English then be sure to checkout 9480 Khz for QSO Radio Show with Ted Randall. We also had a lightning suppressor, electrical tape, self-sealing silicon tape, coaxial cable, UHF connectors, and the tools already available in our shack.
We placed the ligting surpressor and cabling within an enclosure to provide some protection from the elements.
Q) On which of the following occasions may an FCC-licensed amateur station exchange messages with a U.S.
Like many other hams, we became enamoured with radio while exploring shortwave and listening to exotic and distant stations like the Voice of Russia.
If you are interested in becoming a shortwave listener, checkout the Monitoring Times article, "Getting Started in SW Listening" by Ken Reitz for some helpful information. You can't float in this unique idea from 2-Day, but it surely makes a show stopper for the outdoorsman.

Measuring 88 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 16 inches deep, the Canoe Wine Center functions as a serving center for wine or as a bookcase. In this room we installed one of our rustic TV lift cabinets and the birch logs in the rafters. And that's only one of the many fine features that make the NC-125 tops in receiver value !
And schedules Antiqued Dark brownish boat shaped bookcase in Home & Garden Furniture Bookcases eBay. Some 800,000 oak barrels are produced annually, while many of old ones end up in gardens or destroyed.
National Select-O-Ject built-in (rejects any selected audio frequency 45 db - boosts 38 db).

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