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The Panama Paddle Center (PPC) is the first exclusive paddle store to open in Panama and the first to bring the dedicated Kayak Fishing Expedition to the waters of Panama.
After a trip back to his native South Africa a year ago, I immediately saw the opportunity to offer a high end Kayak fishing experience in Panama. We have a variety of Kayaks for all waters, but mainly use the Stealth Fishing Kayak in the ocean; these kayaks are specialized open ocean kayaks, made for speed and to handle ocean conditions. Our Bahia Honda base camp is situated in one of Panama’s most spectacular locations, the jungle and various islands and pinnacles make this a kayakers dream fishing location.
After we all settled in and took in the grandeur of such a beautiful location we set off for some fishing. We fished up and down the coast not wandering more than 5 mile each way from the mouth of the Bahia Honda. The Cojinoa  (Green Jacks) that we caught on sabiki  rigs, started to get good action and we were able to land some trophy sized fish. The greatest part of all is that fish were released, with out a doubt, Kayak fishers are some of the most conservation minded fishermen I have come across. On the last day we found the Roosters, a couple were lost on baits but we saw some great action as they came breaking the surface hunting baits. Allan Sansan hooked up on a nice Rooster, his kayak took off behind the rooster as he was pulled, we all shouted with excitement. Wemindji Eeyouch recognize that we are the children of the Creator, and we respect this relationship, and the duties it places upon us to maintain harmonious, happy and healthy relations among ourselves, with other people, and with all living things.
On behalf of the people of Wemindji, I am pleased to welcome you to the official page of the Cree Nation of Wemindji. For years, our people have happily welcomed tourists and visitors into our community whether it is to host regional conferences, meetings or tournaments.
We invite you to browse through our website to learn about the rich culture of the people of Wemindji. Our website will give you links to our local hotel, Maquatua Inn, our tourism office and a list of other local businesses and entities which are situated in Wemindji.
Our annual Special Band Members meeting will take place on March 30 & 31, 2016 at the Community Hall auditorium.

As a congratulatory gift, Chief & Council gave 1 case of shells & a 100$ Sibi Gas gift card to Calvin Kakabat for the First Goose to be harvested in Wemindji this season. Offices of the Cree Nation of Wemindji will be closed on Friday, March 25 for Good Friday and on Monday, March 28 for Easter Monday. I have been giving this some serious thought lately and feel that over the next 4-months, I would like to sail my canoe from Fort William to Inverness along the Caledonian Canal.
I have already sailed this route several times in my life in bigger yachts and sailing boats, but nothing this small, so it would be more challenging. I haven't thought through the accommodation side yet, but feel that it might be possible to find somewhere to camp along the way for the odd night, but if this is not allowed, there are some holiday parks, campsites and B&B's along the route.
The reason for posting this up is that there maybe other canoe sailors that might fancy doing this as well? I am not sure how this will sit with canoe sailors with Burmudan Rigs and outriggers, but feel this kind of trip would be better suited to people like myself without outriggers and an Expedition Rig because portaging will definitly be required and easy put-in's cannot be guaranteed. I've paddled that stretch of water, did it in 4 days and 3 nights - sailed the lochs, paddled the canals. My wife & I had our honeymoon on a sailing yacht on the Caledonian Canal and has already remarked that she quite fancies coming with me, though I haven't tried sailing the canoe with her up front. It would be good to have an idea where wild camping might be possible, so we can work out where we need to book a B&B or a campsite pitch. I would like to go for a time of year where the midges are not out in force though, while at the same time, it's not too cold to enjoy the trip.
I could attach some 5-foot poles to my roof bars and get both our canoes on the roof, saving you taking your car all the way up and we just share the fuel costs! May could be a good time to try it though, the midgies don't usually appear until the end of May (depending on weather) and there's sometimes a dry spell then. Campsites on Water - Touch the river to sample the last that has gone and that which is to follow. Just waiting to hear back from my 17-year old daughter when her A-Level exam dates are in May, so that she has some free time to look after our 13-year old while the wife & I go off to do some sailing. I would plan to go lightweight, small sail etc because of the portages around the locks and a bad back.

Last time I did the trip it took 4 days (3 nights), all paddling, but the weather was a bit extreme ! The kayak fishermen in South Africa were fishing a kayak that was perfect for Panama sea condition. Eric was the first to land a great grouper on a deep jig, Eric continued to be hot and landed and released a couple more.
The storm lantern set the mood in the evenings and we all exchanged life stories, great way to meet new people and lasting friendships. The benefits of this type of tourism in lesser-developed countries are huge, teaching people to conserve and sustain their resources and benefit from tourism. Wherever you find yourself in Wemindji, you will be greeted by friendly community members who always show great hospitality either by a simple smile in saying hello or an outstretched hand to welcome you with a traditional hand shake. You'll find that our people are deeply connected with the roots of our ancestors and strive to keep our traditions alive by practise and passing on this knowledge to our children. I would love to do that trip, but doubt I'll be able to fit it around my current family and work commitments. Perhaps we could meet up further south and have a play on Loch Lomond if your feeling up to it. Hennie Marais, has been fishing in Panama for over 14 years hunting Billfish and managing the best resorts in the world. This is a great site and the sounds of the jungle like the Howler Monkey’s can make for an interesting alarm clock. We travelled by panga to our base camp within the spectacular beauty and serenity of Bahia Honda.
We guarantee that you’ll feel right at home in Wemindji and we invite you to come visit our beautiful hometown.

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