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Garage Organizing Tip: Maximize garage space so you can actually park your car in the garage. How do we manage to fit all our stuff in the garage?  We think vertical and use the walls, not so much the floor for storage.  The garage floor turns into total yuck during the Wisconsin seasons that bring snow, slush, road salt, and mud which means it’s best to store items off the floor. When organizing your own garage think vertical.  Can the item you want to store hang from the ceiling or walls?
They are simple, functional, and inexpensive.  He knows a nail, garage wall hook, or shelf will do the job.
Stay tuned.  Upcoming blog posts will feature more intimate details about our garage systems and practical tips that will help you organize your garage. The thing I like most about your garage, and your house in general, is that it’s not like there is nothing in it.

I have two new roommates moving in so it looks like I will have to share my 2 car garage and hang my canoe and get rid of my Hobie Cat. You probably should pull the rope (that is under the hull) through a foam noodle (maybe with a old piece of hose to protect the noodle).
Hello Kevin, nice job you did there I had to install a winch, I couldn't get our Oasis of the floor.Montedane, are the ropes on the Boxlifter long enough to reach the floor?Because I couldn't find any information on that, and I couldn't find a dealer who had one, I build our hoist myself. Sign up to read my blog via RSS (get updates in a feed reader) or via email (get updates delivered daily to your inbox) so you don't miss out on any organizing tips.
Don’t spend another day feeling overwhelmed or beating yourself up about not being organized.
I wanted to see your pulley systems and see what you did to hang your kayaks in the garage.

Heading to Harbor Freight right now to pick up another pulley and I will report back with results! I dont know if its because the canoe is heavier than I think, or because I don't exactly have the highest quality pulleys (harbor freight).
They hold our bagged lawn chairs up high on the wall, ball caps up high on the wall, And a bag full of bags so we know where we can find a cute bag when we need it. Although, of course, I would love a full slotted wall like Gladiator sells but for now a nail will do!

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