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Fishing Rod LeashDon’t let that lunker swim away with your favorite fishing rod; keep it secured to your kayak with our Fishing Rod Leash. Also included is a post mount which fits into bottom of cupholder for use in any Scotty Rod holder bases you may already have. The cup holder is easily removed from the mounting cleat OR as needed, leaving a neat low profile. YakClip Kayak Paddle HolderRight out of the package, clip a Yakclip™ onto your kayak cockpit.
Paddle-Rod Clips (pair)Deck-mounted clips attach to your kayak and keep your paddle or fishing rod close at hand but secure and not in the way. Fishing Kayaks are easy to paddle and can get anglers into new and otherwise inaccessible waters.
Following experts Scott Null and Joel McBride through all the basics, this DVD will give the new kayak angler a solid foundation of skills and concepts, and allow a safe and comfortable entry into the sport. Beautifully shot in stunning locations, Kayak Fishing - The Ultimate Guide brings viewers right to the heart of the action.
In just its second year of distribution, the Kayak Roll video has already sold 4000 units in the video edition, due to widespread acclaim and reviews. This DVD is filled with strategy and discussions on catching Midwestern fish in lakes, river, and streams, as well as instructions to help you enjoy the unique experience of using an Ultimate kayak. Sanders Fishing Guide Book, Western New York EditionThe long-awaited third edition of the classic guide to fishing in Western New York is finally available. Experience world-class fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, lake-run trout, salmon and steelhead, as well as some of the best inland trout fishing in New York. This comprehensive guide will provide you with a lifetime of fishing opportunities for one of the top freshwater fishing areas of the country. Anchor Trolley KitAnchor Trolley Kit; as seen on our custom outfitted Angler kayaks and solo canoes.
This clothesline type anchor trolley system allows the anchor to be brought within reach of your seat OR sent back out to the end of your boat.
Anchor Trolley Kit with AnchorAnchor Trolley Kit with anchor; as seen on our custom outfitted Angler kayaks and solo canoes.

Anchor OutriggerAn anchor release & lock system for canoes or kayaks in fishing situations. Old Town Anchor Outrigger SystemAn anchor release & lock system for canoes or kayaks in fishing situations. Scotty Kayak StabilzersFeel secure and stable in your kayak while fishing with the Scotty Stabilizers attached to your kayak.
The 30 inch long x 8" diameter (zipper opening) pontoons are made of heavy PVC coated outer shell material. Works great on Grumman canoes (except the Eagle model), and MichiCraft, Osagian, Sylvan, Smokercraft and other aluminum canoes. Our Universal Canoe Motor Bracket works well on most fiberglass, plastic, Kevlar, wood or aluminum canoes. Old Town Canoe Side Saddle Motor BracketThe OLD TOWN Side Saddle motor mount supports the motor from one side of the canoe making it more comfortable to operate the motor while looking forward.
The cast aluminum bracket won't rust and the hardwood block gives a sure mounting surface for your motor.
Motor Bracket for Ultimate™ kayaksThe Ultimate™ Motor Mount is made of heavy duty Ash and can be used to attach an electric trolling motor directly to any Ultimate™ rotomolded series kayak made by Native WaterCraft. It easily attaches with hand clamps and does not require any permanently attached hardware. Power Paddle Electric MotorThe Power Paddle features 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds, and a 36" unbreakable composite shaft. The Power Paddle is a must for everyone who wants to be on the water without the noise and mess of conventional gasoline motors. Scotty Rodmaster II with MountFiber reinforced engineering nylon offers strength, resilience and reliability.
Intelligent construction keeps the leash coiled with a minimal profile while protecting your investment. The cup holder is easily removed from the mounting cleat OR the post mount as needed, leaving a neat low profile.
For the more experienced angler, Scott and Joel draw on their vast experience in both kayaking and fishing to offer a wealth of tips and tricks.

The new navigation features of the DVD version will help paddlers refresh with the indexed diagnostics section. We also cover kayak design, accessories, how to stand and pole in your Ultimate kayak, transporting your boat, and getting in and out of your boat. The guide provides detailed information on 250 bodies of water, including Lake Erie watershed, Lake Ontario watershed, and the mighty Niagara River, plus dozens of inland waters.
This mount fits all of the Scotty post mount rod holders and accessories, and is extremely versatile and super easy to install.
Kayak fishing in a Native Watercraft boat offers some very unique advantages, one of which is the ability to stand up in your kayak and have a stable platform under your feet from which you can see fish and more easily cast to them. At the highest speed, 40 pounds of thrust gives plenty of power to handle wind, waves or heavy loads. Once installed, you have the option of either mounting your Scotty accessories on the top of the Scotty Deck mount Bracket or even through the side!
Placing the Yakclip™ in front when getting in and out of your kayak will leave both hands free to stabilize your entry or exit. A popular add-on accessory for Ocean Kayak, Old Town, Perception and other kayaks or canoes. We took three Native Watercraft Ultimate kayaks on a fly fishing tour of Wisconsin waterways and captured some great high definition results. Flies we cast from those Ultimate kayaks caught muskies, smallmouth bass, northern pike, bluegills and crappies. Move the Yakclip™ with your paddle out of the way to the side of the cockpit to reel in that big fish!

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