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Lately, I’ve embraced a philosophy of “stepping out.” Sometimes that means harder runs, or tackling trickier expeditions like the Powell Pilgrimage. From the Mag (C&K Winter 2016): Sam Sutton blurs through the first of three cracks in the “Eyes of God” gorge of Kyrgyzstan’s Sary-Jaz River.
A half a million shares, 75,387 Facebook likes, and tens of millions of views paints the picture: the snow kayaking footage from the ‘90s shot by ski filmmaker Warren Miller is as viral as it gets.
NRS's new film Juma of Itanda, from Tommy Penick presents a compelling "story of humanity, hope and the fate of a mighty river," tracking Juma Via Kalikwani's humble journey to the Victoria Nile, from safety boater to Director of Operations at Nile River Explorers, a large rafting outfitter based in Jinja, Uganda. In my book, nothing on the planet matches self-propelled boats and water for the spectrum of gratifications; from thrills to serenity, and from awe to that delicious touch of terror. So C&K assembled a seasoned crew of local Adirondack paddlers who, collectively, had more than 150 years of paddling and portaging experience. We packed light (excluding the PBR and salmon filets) making each portage in one trip, easily shouldering the solo boats from this sleek quiver.

Tenue de Nimes have teamed up with Paolo Bellini, a Dutch vintage aficionado and founder of CS Bell. Nixon introduces The Genie, one of the watchmaker’s latest additions to its ever-evolving roster. Two strategically positioned rubber hoist handles are great for lifting the pack from boats, trunks, rafts. It didn’t happen, and many a canoeist was among those who scoffed at the Mayans and their silly doomsday predictions. Ages varied from paddlers qualifying for senior benefits to some still regularly carded at the local bar. Bellini has created a very exclusive series of handmade canoe packs for the Dutch denim store produced in Amsterdam, and made of thick canvas and leather. And that can be an issue, especially in the Adirondack region of upstate New York, the birthplace of John Rushton’s legendary pack canoe.

The heavy, army green canvas has been treated with a precise mixture of wax and parafine to resist bad weather and water in particular while the shoulder straps are made of bridle leather, each four millimeters thick, that have been riveted on the pack by hand. The map tells the tale: a scattergun-like array of remote lakes and rivers stretching from New York to the tip of Maine. The introduction of ultra-light composite materials like Kevlar and carbon fiber has allowed boat-builders to make pack canoes lighter and faster than ever. And the only noticeable burden on our shoulders, even on the mile-long rained-out portage to Floodwood Pond, was knowing we would eventually have to leave. The packs are now available exclusively through Red Wing Shoes in Amsterdam, priced at €299,90.

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