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We are excited to announce that we are extending our weekday canoe and kayak rates through the weekend!
If you are looking for a place that offers rental canoes and kayaks near La Crosse, Wisconsin, then Titanic Canoe Rental in Ontario, Wisconsin, may be just the right place for you.
Tubing Rentals Saco River, NH- Tubing down Saco River Family Rates - Canoe and Camp- Located in the White Mountains. How it works: You will be shuttled up river from our office to the put-in location, than you will float back to Saco Canoe Rental landing where your car will be parked.
3 Mile Trip: This is a more exciting float which features 3 sections of small rapids as well as beaches and rope swings. How it works: The trip starts from the Saco Canoe Rental landing and you will float down the river to Redstone where the shuttle will pick you up. 5 Mile Trip: This is a longer float where you will find sandy beaches and ropes swings along the way. How does it work: You will be shuttled up river from the Saco Canoe Rental office to a private beach along the Saco River where you will float down river until the Saco Canoe Rental landing where your car will be parked. Saco Canoe Rental Company Reserves the right to change any river tubing trip due to weather and river conditions.
Pour voir le produit et son prix, cliquez sur la vignette, ou sur le lien en jaune au dessus de la vignette.
You must be at least 18 years of age to rent a boat (16 with parental signature on rental waiver); you are welcome to bring children of all ages.
Seniors age 62 and older, disabled paddlers, and active-duty military receive a 15% discount off the above rates for the boat they use. If you've never been in a kayak before, work with a Dock Hand to pick out the boat that's perfect for you — and ask them to give you a few paddling tips as well. Or, if you've paddled a few times, think about upgrading to a Single Sea Kayak — longer, faster, and oh-so-smooth in the water. Constructed of lightweight materials like Fiberglass, Kevlar, or Thermoformed Plastic, these top-of-the-line kayaks are what you'll find our guides and instructors paddling. Composite and Thermoformed sea kayaks are ideal for an off-site rental where you'll be lifting it onto and off of your vehicle.

If you like fishing, the Torque comes outfitted with two rod holders and a rod storage hatch, plus you can troll easily using the electric motor.
Faster, more stable, and less susceptible to wind than a canoe, a double kayak is great fun to paddle. Our rental fleet includes recreational double kayaks (with a single, large cockpit for both paddlers), and, by special request in Newton only, a plastic double sea kayak (with two separate cockpits) with a retractable rudder. Doubles are perfect for friends, couples, or families, so drop by and take one on the water today.
Our double kayaks constructed of Composites or Thermoformed Plastic are true sea kayaks, with separate cockpits and hatches for storage. Our quads are very stable sit-on-top kayaks perfect for families and groups of friends, and they're much faster than our double kayaks.
As long as you are comfortable giving your child instructions (and rescuing them if necessary), we recommend Kids' Kayaks for children as young as six, depending on their maturity level. If you are taking a canoe off-site, consider our lightweight and efficient Royalex canoes, available at our Newton location for a small additional charge. If the whole family wants to get on the water together, they'll probably fit in our Tripper XL canoe!
You can also take it out for fishing, as the deck makes an amazingly stable casting platform, or, for those who want to pedal hard, a great workout. Rowboats are great fun for the whole family, or for those who want a stable platform for fishing. Our Alden Horizon recreational rowing shells are a great way for rowers to get out on the river.
Take your Stand-Up Paddleboarding experience to a new level with our premium SUPs by Surftech. As with all SUPs, there's a good chance you'll get wet, so pick a warm day, wear your bathing suit, and come try Stand-Up Paddleboarding.
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The Kickapoo River meanders for 130 miles from Wilton to Wauzeka, where it empties into the Wisconsin River.

Choose a stable and maneuverable recreational kayak with a large, accessible cockpit, or the slightly longer, faster, and more form-fitting light-touring kayaks. Our rental fleet includes an amazing variety of composite singles, from recreational to sea kayaks, from hard-chine and Greenland-style to British-style skeg boats and ICF racing kayaks, we have it all.
At Charles River Canoe and Kayak, all kids age 12 and under can rent their own kayak at the Kids' Kayak rate — it doesn't matter whether they fit in a true kids' kayak or one made for bigger folks. Try one out the next time you're in Newton, or take one on an off-site rental to your favorite flatwater destination. This fast-growing sport combines surfing and paddling, and feels like you're walking on water. These boards are top-of-the-line models built with the same shaped-foam-and-fiberglass construction used in the best surfboards for years. The Saco River averages 3 feet deep with some small rapids, lots of sandy beaches and even some rope swings for the more adventurous.
Vous pouvez rendre votre contenu inaccessible sur ce site - en l'excluant de l'indexation par le robot du moteur Bing. Great for friends and families who need plenty of space and want a boat they can all fit in together. Our boards are relatively stable, recreational models perfect for first-timers and experienced paddleboarders alike.
And if you're under 12, take one of our Single Kayaks (including those specifically designed for children) at our Kids' Kayak rate. There's a good chance you'll get wet, so pick a warm day, wear your bathing suit, and come try Stand-Up Paddleboarding. If you are interested in off-site rentals, please see our Off-Site Rental Page.This is a comprehensive list of boats available for rent at our Kendall location.

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