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Rec’Repair skid plates are designed to fit and protect any boat hull and prolong the life of the craft. In only minutes, Rec’Repair skid plates can be heated, trimmed, and molded to any keel profile. Through the WCHA (Wooden Canoe heritage Association) I am now the custodian of a Peterborough Cedar Rib sailing canoe dating from between 1909 and 1921 so effectively a collection of cedarwood held together by copper nails,tacks and staples, covered in varnish all 100 years or so of age.
The Femme Fatale has not seen water for many years and has clearly shrunk in some areas so on Wednesday evening I took her to the river and sure enough she leaked on half a dozen open joints but over a 2 hour period the flow of water clearly slowed as she took on some moisture and swelled slightly.
This evening I started to remove the brass work, made a list, appraised the overall structure and worked out what is needed. There were several highly innovative canoe builders in Peterborough and competition was great to produce the most beautiful canoe possible. I then liberally applied oil with a soft cloth rubbing it into the joints and wood surface.
I have now put her back in the canoe shed (garage) where she will sit for the next 8 days and allow the oil to soak in and nourish.
Fathers day was spent cleaning back and rubbing down the inside of the hull to get a smooth finish.
In the background I sent the original lateen canvas sail to Jeckells Sailmakers of Wroxham and they are making me up a hand stitched sail to the pattern in an antique style but in lightweight Dracon. On Tuesday evening I applied the resin repair to the broken and worm eaten section of the out rail.
The pegs had set so I wrapped a piece of ali bar in clingflim and taped it to the outside edge of the rail and it took on the curve. This evening before the agonising England match, I faired and worked the resin into shape, added some dye and got a very pleasing result. There are some very slight depressions on the upper surface to which I have added a levelling coat of resin but once the whole lot has several coats of varnish it will match in well remembering that it is a repair and not a restoration. In the following photo you can just see the shadow of the dowels through the resin; not aesthetically unpleasant when you look at the rest of the canoe, tack patterns, patina etc. I then went in search of a serial number but was unsuccessful they are often concealed on the underside of the thwarts or deck; nothing other than a split to the deck which I can glue from underneath.
That is already looking a hundred times better than the state it was in when you bought it. I got a call from the local boatyard to tell me that the Wests epoxy kit I had ordered was in so I popped and collected it at lunchtime. I got a flyer from the office this afternoon and as it was warm and dry I managed a quick couple of hours to get the outside hull joints sorted. Canoe Dog gave me a look as I snapped these on and scarpered to his den thinking the worst was about to happen! I mixed up a small batch and had initially thought that I would apply by syringe but it was easier to do with the plastic spatulas provided. I will do the gaps around the stems next and then turn the canoe over and do the joints on the inside of the hull. All will now go off and cure before I sand everything down inside and out again, wipe down with tack cloths and then start applying the varnish.
Excellent story, so pleased that you are giving this lovely old girl a good lease of life again! Having hopefully sealed all the joints inside and out, resin repaired, rubbed down, oiled, rubbed down and oiled again I am now ready to bring her back to life with the varnish coats. My neighbours must have wondered what was going on in my garage as there was a high degree of slurping taking place. It brought her back to life and the colour comes back nicely; she will darken down with successive coats. My travels in search of the best products for boat repair and maintenance along with rebuilding have led me to recognize, through trial and error, success and test, some of the highest quality and cost-effective choices in the industry.
As I expand this site with a€?how-toa€? articles and project photos, I hope to provide my readers a chance to learn new skills and make their own repairs and choices for boat maintenance. Finally, Boat Repair and Maintenance is designed to be a friendly, interactive site in which boat enthusiasts around the U.S. I have a special arrangement with Smooth Sailing where I can pass along some savings to you.
Marine-TexA®, FlexSeta„?, Gluvita„? and Te-Kaa„? are registered trademarks of ITW Polymer Technologies, Montgomeryville, PA. Last week, I wrote a little about the photo restoration project that I’m currently working on.
I’ve also been working on a new website to store and display other family history materials such as memoirs, news items and the like. As is often the case, I find your posts inspire me to at least think about doing something. Mark – Well, I do hope you will feel inspired to do something with your old photograph collection. Through Internet research in recent years, I discovered that some of my mother’s ancestors lived in Innisfil Township, just south of Barrie, Ontario, in the 1840s.

This is fascinating, Bev, and like others I am finding myself thinking about doing a bit of family photo restoration. John – I hope you do get our your family photos and at least get them scanned and saved in a digital format.
Seriously, I have accumulated from my father similar sorts of things, and yet I hadn’t even thought of restoring them. Yes, the good thing is that the original photo is left untouched and so that points to my reluctance to photoshop photos as largely irrational.
Bev – my nephew and I have actually talked a bit about sharing a quarter of our genome. After the lining boards all have the kerfs cut, then they are ripped into strips, and one corner is rounder over. Coleman brand canoes are now manufactured by Pelican International and are sold under the Pelican brand. The Pelican Colorado is similar to the Explorer and can be purchased new at a retail price of about $400. The skid plates can be customized by the manufacturer or boat owner to any boat style and mold around any bow or stern angle. Rec’Repair is a composite material that is rigid at normal operating temperatures, but when heated it becomes soft and pliable and can be easily molded to shape before adhering it to the boat keel. It is an evolution of the method of construction developed and patented by George Stephenson in 1879. She was offered to me as an enthusiast as the owner did not want her to be sold on ebay to someone who had the cash but would not appreciate the craft. I have forwarded this along with my original sail to Jeckylls of Wroxham who are going to make me up a vintage style sail.
This will bring the timber back to life and add a bit of natural flexibility back into the cedar. I am off with Paul and Santa's Little Helper to paddle the upper Severn for a week from Abermule through to the Ironbridge Gorge with our base camp at Montford Bridge for the week. The benefit of using the resin is that there are no joints and it is elastic so will move with the natural and sometimes unnatural movements of the wood. I had emailed Wests technical department a week or so ago to determine which would be the best epoxy for the job. I will then sand back again, run an epoxy fillet along both sides of the stem band and keel strip in advance of getting high on Epifanes high gloss varnish as several coats will go on inside and out.
I am hosting a supper party this evening so shot out to get all the ingredients and when back managed a quick hour and a half to get the stems joints and the inside of the hull done with the West G-Flex. I then loaded up the Sika Flex and applied this to the joint between the hull and the metal stem bands. I will layer up with Epifanes high gloss yacht varnish, thinned down at 1:10 for the first couple of coats with a light rub down between coats and then finished with a thicker coat. La femme Fatale is a bit like my OH; put a high quality liquid in front of her and she will drink like a fish. My DIY Boat and Repair Maintenance website, therefore, will be offering many of these proven products for sale. If you are rebuilding a boat, you will find a growing list of articles, photos and videos on just about all parts of a boat. These include Marine-Tex Epoxy Putty, FlexSeta„?, Rapid-Set fast cure epoxy and Gluvita„? epoxy sealer. Smooth Sailing's teflon copper marine bottom paint will provide you with a solid, long-lasting bottom coating which prevents formations from attaching to the bottom of your boat keeping bottom clean, while reducing drag. DuralA® and Smooth Sailinga„? are registered trademarks of Smooth Sailing, Minneapolis, MN. I currently have some WW II-era pictures of my father in uniform as some of my desktop images. The old prints are like windows into the past where you can, if you look carefully, sometimes get a glimpse of the true person – that sweet smile, the extended index finger and the other gently curved fingers.
The Explorer is no longer listed on Pelican's website as a current model, but used models are easy to find. Three molded plastic seats are standard on this model, one at each end and one in the center of the canoe. It is well-equipped for fishing, with a built-in cooler under the center seat, vertical rod holders and drink holders.
For instance, a 17-foot aluminum canoe weighs between 65 and 77 pounds, and a 16-foot Royalex plastic canoe weighs about 55 pounds. Like the Explorer, the Colorado is 15.6 feet long, 37 inches wide, seats three and holds up to 800 pounds.
Made with a shape memory composite material and adhered with a strong peel and stick adhesive, Rec’Repair skid plates harden in seconds to form a protective layer, taking the abuse and extending the life of the craft. These canoes were built with 1" wide cedar ribs each fastened to its neighbours with tongue-and groove joints. The canoes were extremely labour-intensive, but Stephenson was an inventor rather than a manufacturer.

Removing the old varnish has lightened the wood up but it will get darker when new varnish is applied. So if you see a guy in a Bell Chestnut Prospector with soft hands smelling of wood oil, say hello and come and join us for a beer!
The oil brings the colour of the wood back, nourishes the wood and gives the base for the varnish coats. It has a 4 hour cure so after about 3 hours I eased the bar off slightly to give a degree of separation so that it would not be stuck firm; the cling film worked and in the morning I took it away completely and the resin had set nicely.
I managed to get them all done in 30 minutes and then had time to go over each joint carefully and fill any areas missed on the first pass. For over 30 years I have been repairing and rebuilding my boats a€“ some for sailing, some for motoring a€“ and documenting my work in hopes my information will be helpful to others who share a passion for boats of all kinds.
Durall products have a proven track record in stopping growth while giving the racer an extremely slippery coating on their hulls which can provide an edge in performance. I will continue to add project data, images, tutorials and more to give my visitors a clear understanding of how projects were tackled and detailed instructions to keep their boats afloat year after year.
It's copper additive keeps the growth away and the non-stick coating has given my Columbia 26 more speed. The original prints are in pretty bad shape, but I haven’t tried cleaning the scans yet. Especially in your modified print, I can almost see your grandmother rising and speaking to us.
The photo was taken while he was visiting with some of my grandmother’s family who were then living in Sault Ste.
A growing passion of mine is the making of classical guitars, I'll post about that, too.I want to be able to share with my clients the progress of their commissioned work.
In addition to the obvious work of recanvassing and varnishing, I had to repair the end of the stem and replace the decks. Pelican sold the Pelican Explorer DLX at a retail price of $399, primarily in discount sporting goods stores such as Cabela's and Dunham's. The gunwales, or side edges, of the canoe are made of aluminum covered with protective plastic sleeves. When the brasswork was removed for varnishing the following was discovered on the reverse side. She has had a partial refurbishment but not to a standard which is acceptable to me so there is a list. I am a house surveyor and often specify this method of repair on both modern and historic homes. We got a tour of the huge warehouse not accessible to the public, acres of covered storage packed with literally hundreds of canoes from tiny birchbark to huge sea-going Haida dugouts with everything in between.
I have purposely (well I would say that wouldn't I) left a few imperfections to match in with the rest of the rail length.
I gave it another 30 minutes and then pulled the masking tape off and cleaned off any major excess epoxy now rather than having to sand it down later.
I have used Marine-Tex epoxy to bond and fill wood and Fiberglass and Marine-Tex Te-Kaa„? teak cleaner to keep my decks looking new! Later I started thinking that there might be other people who are interested in what goes on inside a wooden canoe shop operated by an artist and a recovering teacher.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email, phone, or by post. The Explorer is an inexpensive, durable, polyethylene plastic canoe suitable for beginner to intermediate canoeists.
Its maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds, which makes it capable of carrying gear for canoe camping. However, it is so flexible that it needs a "keelson," or rigid brace, running the length of the canoe to hold its shape.
It is a non slumping resin which can be shaped whilst met to a profile, sanded stained and coloured.
In addition, I encourage visitors to send me information on their projects to share with other do-it-yourselfers like me. Its length is relatively short compared to most two- and three-seat canoes, which typically run between 16 and 18 feet long. When Pelican took over, it eliminated the keelson on its earlier models, resulting in hull distortion.
Using it means that I can retain as much timber as possible, avoid often troublesome joints and get a good finish.
Elsewhere I will use Wests G-Flex which can be coloured, used to seal joints, bridge gaps and strengthen any weak joints. It to has a good degree of flexibility so it can accept the natural movements of the adjacent wood.

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