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If you can figure a way to attach a wood deck to the rear of your canoe - this is the least invasive rudder set-up I was able to find. Tried to get one of the kids to come down and take some photos under sail, but they were busy studying for exams, and I guess that is more important.
Attaching a rudder to an existing canoe is often quite a tricky part of converting a canoe to sail.
Most members of the Open Canoe Sailing Group choose to permanently attach low profile dinghy rudder fittings to the stem of the canoe.
If you really don't want to have permanant fittings on the stem of your canoe, then you will probably have to settle for something a bit more cumbersome and complex. When I borrowed a load of boats to use on a workshop at a canoe symposium, the centre I borrowed them from was understandably reluctant to let me put permanent rudder fittings on them.
On a trip earlier in the year to Loch Sunart, a friend of ours did a spot of canoe sailing.
The meet is at Coniston Hall Campsite, about 1 mile South of Coniston village on the Western shore.
Your outrigger floats look neat but smaller than most I've seen - might need to have them on a longer beam to compensate? Most sailing clubs run beginner courses - though you're a bit late in the year - these are often open to all so you don't have to be a member - money well spent. For the tiller I?ve acquired a 3 piece aluminium lightweight pole from a display stand, I?m planning to turn a nice wooden handle for one end and attach a swivel rod end to the other which intern will fit onto a pin attached to a bar connected to the rudder housing (will post a picture when I?ve made it). I designed the outrigger floats so that they could be stored inside the canoe (across it) when not in use they also give buoyancy to the canoe.
Just finished the sizing calcs for the outrigger mounting beam, wanted to keep it as light as possible and be able to carry it in three pieces.
Structural analysis of the outrigger beam, high stresses around the holes but that will be OK.
Do you have anything to stop the rudder stock from being knocked up and coming off the rudder gudgeons.? I just drilled a small hole through one of the Pintles and popped a stainless steel keyring through the hole once the rudder is in place. The same system has been around on dinghies for decades, including my Enterprise, which was built in 1967.
I enjoyed meeting you at the weekend and like your minimalist and well thought out approach to sailing canoe design.

I loved seeing your steam powered canoe Kev, I was particularly impressed with the underwater exhaust (presumably so that the extra assistance provided by the steam engine isn't obvious in use)! The boat is progressing well, tiller finished and mast foot and thwart sorted, just a few bits and bobs now and we are ready to go.
I like the beams and floats very much - nice to be able to get alloy welding done like that. I was wondering what those clips where used for, I spotted them at lunchtime in a chandlers in Derby (only just found it). On our third trip and first fishing trip, we had about 1 foot chop in the bay and a lot of wind. With that said, I've only used one rudder on a paddled kayak, its was in the San Diego Bay on a OK T15.
Riot, a Canadian brand, offers a wide range of high quality but inexpensive recreational, touring and sea kayaks. The Riot polyethylene kayaks offer a remarkably high gloss sheen, the result of investing in superior brass molds, and the seating is comfortable and adjustable. The OCSG possess a number of 'strap on' rudder fittings, but my previous experience of them was that they tended to come unattached in rough water.
You'd be very welcome to come along and it would be a great opportunity to have a look at a wide variety of sailing canoes in one place and to talk to their owners. There should be lots of boats there from Friday onwards, although most people will probably be there by Saturday morning. Rudder uphaul cleat on the stock is unusual tho - how do you plan to reach it when releasing it or pulling it up when out on the water? Originally we were thinking of having lug sail set up so I could reach it from the back seat. I designed them to give me 22kg per float that?s the figure from the cad 3D model, I suspect they are slightly small than that as the stitch and glue process was a bit tricky when making them. Making a sailing canoe with parts which are small enough and light enough to pack inside the canoe for white water is a really interesting idea.
Was hoping to have a go on lake Bala on Friday but it's forecast to be a tad windy but hopefully we can try it out on Monday, I'll post a few pics.
Didn't realise you used them in pairs, I can see it now, unfortunately had to open the gap up a tad to get the cord in. Riot also do a small sit-on-top, a few fishing kayaks, a number of white water kayaks and a full range of high quality paddles.

The solution I came up with was to remove the rope that was threaded through a hole in the stem of the canoes, and use the hole that was left to thread thin cord through , which I wrapped around and around the strap on rudder fitting to tie them on. A month or so ago I thought I?d start making a few sailing bits and bobs for our Venture Prospector (decided on that rather than the Wenonah as it?s better on the sea and in bigger water). I can tell you'll pick up sailing quickly but if you're able to make it to Coniston and you would like a few pointers you'd be welcome to come for a sail in my sailing canoe.
Although it is quite possible to make one it's a lot of effort to get a really decent result!
All those I have ever seen and used run a line to the stern thwart or even further forward for easy access. Looks like it?s going to be a tad chilly so will be bringing the wood burner and mulled wine . I?ll do a water displacement test on them when they are finished to give me the exact buoyancy. I hope the rudder lines run smoothly enough after some use - rubbing round corners can put more friction and will wear the paint thro in time.
First I made the rudder then the Lee board and over the last couple of weeks made the outrigger floats.
We usually camp in the left hand corner as the field widens out so we have launching close by.
Looking forward to meeting up again, hopefully we will be able to come out sailing in our own boat next time. I would be wary of using those quick release clips like you have as it looks like the cords might jump out - they are intended to be used in pairs (inglefield clips aka 'kiss clips' and often used on dinghy spinnaker and yacht flag halyards). Last night i built a test rig to test buoyancy of the floats and the angle for the mounting arm. Just go to do some structural sizing calcs for the aluminium 3 piece mounting arm then I can make that. This Just leaves the tiller and sail (getting that from Solway Dory) then we can try the kit out.

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