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Oak Orchard Kayak Security Deck Loop KitKit includes Stainless Steel deck loop and Stainless Steel mounting hardware.
Kayak-Canoe Security Cable (with lock and key)The BoatLocker is a 10-foot cable that secures your boat to your roof rack. Small Vessel Safety Equipment KitSmall Vessel Safety Equipment Kit contains four items required by the Canadian Coast Guard for canoes, kayaks and small boats.
Oak Orchard Safety FlagOak Orchard Safety Flag attaches to the kayak hull with a suction cup mount that screws into the kayak. Scotty SEA-Light with Suction Cup MountPortable and mountable kayak and small watercraft light. The intense incandescent light is visible for up to two miles depending on weather conditions. Oak Orchard Bilge Pump with ClipWe've heard one question more than any other about bilge pumps; Where do you put it?
Clip Kit for Bilge Pump storageSecures your Bilge Pump on your kayak's deck where it is easy to reach. Easy to store size (16") makes for less fatiguing strokes and innovative design pumps 30% more water per stroke.
Low profile exit port won't snag on deck rigging when needed in a hurry yet throws water well away from your boat. Full length foam sleeve provides horizontal top-of-the-water flotation and comfortable hand grip. Paddlers SpongeIf you have a nice sponge like this you'll find you use it on a daily basis.
Paddle Float Self Rescue DeviceAn essential self-rescue device for kayakers, the dual chambered paddle float is designed with an extra large capacity for maximum buoyancy, quick release buckles for easy attachment to kayak paddle and clip on safety tether to eliminate loss in windy conditions. The unit can be attached magnetically or with a powerful suction cup, making it ideal for anything on the land or sea.
Aurora Fire StarterThe Aurora Fire Starter 440c by Solo Scientific is a true survival tool.

Regardless if you are the ultimate outdoorsman or just learning the ropes, it's super easy to start a fire with this pocket size tool. Shred Ready Standard Half Cut HelmetA new standard in helmet design has been set with the introduction of the SR Standard.
Sizes: This Shred Ready helmet comes with 3 sets of interchangeable fitting pads for a custom fit. Extrasport Boat CushionComfort with security - this bouyant boat seat cushion pads your seat while you're in the boat and helps you stay afloat when you're out.
Scotty Kayak StabilzersFeel secure and stable in your kayak while fishing with the Scotty Stabilizers attached to your kayak. The 30 inch long x 8" diameter (zipper opening) pontoons are made of heavy PVC coated outer shell material. Yakima Strap Caps (set of four)End caps with security tabs that attach securely (with a screw driver) to your rack's round crossbars. The MPG156 Standard Canoe Kit is a smart choice for those requiring a reliable low cost canoe rooftop transport system. This Re-enforced 2 Inch Nylon ring from the trusted manufacturer SEA LECT Designs can be used for a whole host of applications. These 30ltr & 60ltr multi-purpose watertight barrels will help to keep your kit dry and can act as a table or seat as well. We offer a delivery service for the Canoe Barrel throughout the UK & Ireland to home and work addresses.
Unless instructed otherwise, we endeavour to supply goods ordered within 3-5 working days for the UK mainland. You can buy a Canoe Barrel online from our website and pick it up from ourselves or from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group.
Super-flexible cable weaves through seat or other hard points on the boat and around your crossbar.
Safety kit includes an inflatable Paddle Float Self Rescue Device, Bilge Pump, Paddle Leash, Safety Whistle, and a sturdy mesh storage bag to keep it all together.

Bright orange nylon and polyester self-draining bag that comes with adjustable strap and 3M reflective safety band. Designed to meet the demands of the sea, ideal for in a car, boat crew, campers and whenever a reliable high efficient light is needed. The lens simultaneously focuses a beam of light straight ahead and a ring of light is present all around. So our Oak Orchard Bilge Pump comes complete with mounting clip and hardware to secure the pump on deck where it is easy to reach yet not in your way.
It has a 3D vertical nose, four isolated tie-in points, an inflation hose with a twist valve and a rapid deflation dump valve. It attaches easily to base carrier bars (sold separately) and has multi-position cradles to fit flat or curved hulls.
That comes in particularly handy when you're camping, so you don't have to sleep with one eye open to make sure your boat won't get swiped. Works with many bilge pumps such as Beckson, Oak Orchard and Scotty, or any similarly sized items (does not fit high volume pump). Vinyl construction complete with: 3D vertical nose, 4 isolated tie-in points, and inflation and deflation valves. This is the bag of choice for today's short playboats (9'-12') as well as whitewater tandems. Mount Clip to your kayak deck or you can use wood screws to mount the Clip on your garage wall and store your pump where you'll find it. Consult your Routan owner's manual for weight specifications and important safety information.

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