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Even though we are in the midst of our summer season, it is always a good idea to look at other beach locations that you should you consider for your next holiday. Wear – Glamour wedges and shoes that can easily be taken off before you board your yacht!

You get a 6A x 4 metre pontoon bigger than your lounge room, with: A 4 burner BBQ, Sink and large esky (enough for all your food and drinks,) Table for 8 with comfy chairs and soft benches to sit on, a stereo and oh yes - even a toilet with privacy!Drop the anchor at your desired beach, fish, swim, bbq or just relax amongst your friends.
Imagine once you're all on board - You'll have everything you need within an arms-length; the food, the drink, the kitchen, the Pool (water!) and all your friends!

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