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The greatest moment of my life to date is starting this up on Torquay harbourside in 1986, at 9 years old.
Luckily, I had a Mum that seemed to be able to negotiate things for her only son, just with her looks & charm. Lamborghini V12 boat started up when was asleep below deck with a hangover in Cowes, it was just utterly pantwettingly fabulous. That Riva is a stunning example of the boatbuilder's craft, the fact it goes like a cat with a spark up its ass is an added bonus!
Unfortunately she still has the horrors from when we had a gaff rigged ketch - took her through the edge of a cyclone in North Queensland - I think she took it personally when I called her moveable ballast and made her sit on the rail to help keep the boat upright. Twin 8 horse motors give adequate speed (13knots) for a low consumption 1 litre for 3 miles. For sale is a beautifully crafted, 11’ Atkin designed lapstrake (each plank overlaps the one beneath it) gaff rigged, cat boat. What you have is a performance hull and should be treated as such underpower and you have a dog .
Frosty Previous Member   Lots of money and work for something that might not work. Location: Australia How do you figure a narrower tunnel will supply more lift ? Originally Posted by Mr Efficiency How do you figure a narrower tunnel will supply more lift ? Regards, Gabor That cat come tunnel has a hydrofoil across the tunnel and thats a whole differant thing .

Frosty Previous Member   Hes not asked for performance or lift -- --he said he wants to go fishing.
Originally Posted by Frosty Hes not asked for performance or lift -- --he said he wants to go fishing.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The common definition of a "gunkhole" is a very shallow body of water, usually with a soft and sticky bottom. With the hull form like a large sailing skiff, these simple cruising vessels are intended for plywood construction. The sturdy little flat bottom 19-foot centerboard catboat, with her shallow draft is ideal for gunkholing where shoals are a concern in one's cruising grounds. Boat Plans and boat designs from select Naval Architects, Yacht Designers, and Marine Architects. Builders since 1980, General Contractor since 1988, Boa Constructor Building and Design has been serving the Santa Cruz area with quality and integrity. Boat building, design, and repair resource with boat plans, boatbuilding books, discussion forums, feature articles and boat design reviews.
Hello and Good Day: 4 January 2004 Michele Landegger and Debrae Lopes of Boa Constructor are awesome! Home Bars and Pub Designs, do it yourself bar construction plans and design ideas to build indoor and outdoor wet bars. Boat Building Boat Designs, Designers, Naval Architect s, Design Software, Plans & Kits .

It was traditionally built and donated by students at the Great Lakes Boat Building School in Cedarville, MI. Last year I decided to make a relatively small cat (approximately 20ft.) a bit similar to large offshore catamarans. It take extra power to push and raise with a hydrofoil where as a true tunnel rides on a cushion of air between the hulls . Boa Constructor Building and Design, established 1988, is a general contracting company dedicated to the design and construction of ecological systems. The design of deck is almost complete, but my problem is that I don't know how it will work with this size. I think the J's are some of the most exquisite vessels ever built, but I also love boats that make loud noises and go like the clappers! The sail was built and donated by Newport & Richter in Traverse City, MI.Proceeds from this classic boat, new trailer, sail and oars will be donated to Little Traverse Sailors Sailing School.
I don't want to build a cruiser, but a faster open boat without a cabin (with 80-100 hp outboard motor).

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