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Back to Islamorada, the Fishermen TownImportant Places and Attractions of Islamorada.The Map of Islamorada. Florida Keys Charter Fishing Boats & Equipment - Islamorada Flats Fishing with Islamorada Fishing Guide Capt. To those of you asking, what exactly is fly fishing, it is a type of fishing using an artificial “fly” or lure on a fly rod and reel using specialized weighted line. Down here in beautiful Islamorada, situated in the Florida Keys, we have our pick of fly fishing from Tarpon, Bonefish, Redfish, Permit, mackerel, jack, tuna, dolphin, barracuda, sea trout, lady fish, sailfish, grouper, snapper and snook.
On a budget, but still want to experience a high quality Florida Keys fishing charter?   Look no further, my name is Capt. The Contagious is a 33-foot World Cat especially suited to provide smooth and comfortable travel to the best fishing spots in the ocean waters off Islamorada.
In the Florida Keys, Captain Brian Cone has gained a reputation as the hot hand when it comes to hunting dolphin and many other offshore species.
Cone has been featured on ESPN and in many fishing publications, including Saltwater Sportsman, Center Console, and Men's Journal. Mapinit is a social utility that allows people to go, discover and share places and points of interest.
But don’t think of this little gem as limiting you to the traditional rod and reel style fishing, she has much more to offer. The Keys offers up this unique situation where the tarpon migration funnels between Key West and Key Largo, making Islamorada a prime spot for some amazing tarpon fishing on the fly. While there’s no doubt that we all love to fish in Islamorada, some of us love and specialize in different styles a little more.

Ryan and I specialize in offering affordable Florida Keys fishing boat charters for the novice and not so novice. When you fish on the Contagious you not only catch fish, but you learn a whole lot about Cone's techniques and what makes him so good as an expert at finding the fish.
After graduating from college, Brian couldn't wait to get back to the Florida Keys and his real love - fishing! Ever since he was a young teenager, with frequency Cone's name has been found at the top of the leader board at local fishing tournaments. This past week gave us unseasonably warm weather and water temperature in the ENP and low and behold TARPON!!! If you want to step outside of your normal comfort zone, or even bring your favorite style of fishing to the keys, you can. Tarpon can be found in schools ranging from 10 to 90 fish or even mingling in the back country. At Florida Keys Fun Fishing, we are passionate about our fly fishing, from our techniques, patterns, rods, and boats right down to the fly. Florida Keys fishing charter trips aboard Good Karma are private fishing trips (no open boat or split charters) and limited to 3 anglers. His passion and intensity for fishing and his easy way with customers, young and old, will surely make your day on the water a memory you will never forget! As a kid, he got to know many of the local captains who knew how to go that extra mile and come back with record-book catches. In the Keys fly fishing is possible almost every day of the year and it has got to be one of the most exhilarating methods of fishing we can offer.

The angler then tactfully places the lure in front of the eager eater, who finds it hard to turn down the easy meal and then the rest is a little bit of endurance and a lot of memories.
Now, still in his early 30s, he's the one that fishermen young and old love to listen to! His early times spent on the ocean gave him a special understanding and love of the water and turned a passion into a very rewarding career. Shallow water sight fishing for Snook, Redfish, Permit remains strong with the right conditions around Flamingo. The first day he caught and released a Atlantic Sailfish then he scored a super slammer Bull Dolphin and a few gaffers. On the next trip I taught him how to vertical jig.
He went 3 for 4 until his arms fell off, then spent the rest of the trip catching Hogfish for his dinner.
Shimano Talica 20-25's conventional 2-Speed reels and Diawa Saltiga Dogfight Spinning gear for catching "beast fish" from the deep.
Fish feeding behaviors change on a frequent basis based on migration patterns, time of year, spawn, moon phases, tides, water temperatures and much more.

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