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Location: Cape Coral Fl Thats good to hear have not heard from OL' witney for awhile now.
Location: Eustis, FL For what it's worth, I've just completed a 2 year restoration of a 25' hardtop (41 years old) and also built a 28' raised deck, hardtop. If the original poster would like to email me, I have several classic and new designs that are low cost (some free) that will fit his need. Location: Delaware Deadrises I make Model Work boats for my business, But I would love to find an old one to fix up. Location: eastern United States Restoring an old work boat to use, or even working on one for the inexperienced as a helper in some yard for the summer, is still the cheapest and the best college education for anyone thinking about building a new one.
Location: Eustis, FL Pungo Hayden, you may not need anything other then water to fix your seams.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
It is no longer a working boat eventhough at the time it was used to run food to the fish farm in Eastport Me.

Bay deadrises are now built out of glass--and probably have been built that way for the last 20 years or so.
If the boat has been out of the water for some time, the wood will shrink some and the seams will get bigger.
Striking out on a new one, without prior experience, even in the glass-snot ones, normally begins by building a canoe of plywood kayak.
Its nice for hinesight for many that preach after hundreds of sermons, or teachers have taught for years. It may leak for a day or two, but then the wood will swell back up, closing the seams and the leaking will stop.
But right out of the box, as a green horn, reading internet group think tanks for hands on learning, is nothing more that reading texts in a textbook in school. This assumes quite a few things, such as the boat is traditionally planked of solid lumber (not plywood), the seams are sound but dry, there are no structural issues causing the planking to move around, etc. In the old days, it was reported that small craft were sunk near shore, to expedite the swelling process.

I don't recommend this, as you don't know how sound the rest of the structure is and can stress it badly by doing this (boats are designed to keep water out, not as bath tubs) If you can hardly see light through the seams, she'll swell up fine, once in the wet stuff for a day. After you show off to your boys, have them come over and pound some new caulking into her, when they get a chance, they'll likely work for your cooking. The mental and personal rewards cannot be measured by another individual sitting on the sidelines placing any time or dollar figures on a project. It also can be said and backed up by case history, that after many successfull new and used projects, the same individual will seek out a new one for the challenge of it. Its almost like going hunting over and over again, after you kill that big ten point buck, of even catching a cooler of Speckled Trout.

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