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Location: uk 1938 Chris Craft I live in the UK where I am restoring a 1938 enclosed Chris-craft and I am wondering if you can help with some advice.
Location: Orlando Having just restored my 1960 Chris I can tell you there are a lot of places you can go on line that service Chris Craft. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. This image is featured as part of the article New Chris-Craft Launch 32 & Corsair 36 Yacht Tenders at 2012 Miami Boat Show. I'm thinking of picking up a mid 80's ski boat, either a SN2001 or an American Skier, but I really don't like the aged look of either one.

If I go the woody route I am definately goign to find myself one of those big horns to put on the closed bow.
Price shouldn't be a concern because it's a friends shop wrapping it so I should only have to pay for materials, if that.
Stipping the 7 layers of paint over the the original silver metal flake gelcoat currently (time consuming) and pulled the motor.
I am fitting new beams and plan to fit a ply sub-deck with mahogany planks epoxy on to it, but should the mahogany deck planks be close-seamed, or should they have a black caulking line between them ? I found if it is metal, it can be fixed and rechromed and this was usually cheaper then finding a better looking or reproduction piece from the Chris Craft parts businesses.

We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. I was thinking about wrapping the boat with a custom wood pattern to make it look like an old woody ski boat from the 60's like the one below.

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