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The Chris Craft Runabout model boat measures 24" (long) x 7" (wide) x 8" (high) and is shipped fully assembled, ready to be displayed.
The highest quality, rare woods (including Ebony, Rosewood, Blackwood, Mahogany, Jack wood, and Sycamore) used to construct our models are subjected to specific seasoning procedures to ensure that the model will withstand severe climate and never warp or split.
Our Chris Craft Runabout speed boats are highly polished to a glossy smoothness along with meticulous details that match the perfection of the real thing. The success of the Christ Craft vessels was perpetuated by Smithi??s flourishing racing career. His standard, 26 foot runabout was powered with a Hall-Scott four-cylinder 100 HP engine along with electric lighting, reverse gear, and water-cooled exhaust. The quality Honduras mahogany and fine cherry wood are of the highest caliber and generally used for real boats is used on our Chris Craft Runabout models.
Numerous layers of paint and varnish are painstakingly applied, with each layer dried and smoothed through sanding before application of the next. The quality of his models was tested through competitive speedboat racing, and the Christ Craft superiority rang true as the boats consistently proved victorious.
In 1921, the two available models, one with a painted finish on mahogany, and another with a full mahogany hull, retailed for $3,950 and $4,450 respectively. Details such as fittings, trimmings, steering wheels, and propellers are made sculpted brass or stainless steel.

During the era of prohibition, speedboat racing was embraced by gamblers, industrialists, and mobsters. The Chris Craft Runabout model speedboat sits perfectly on the included base, which is made of a high-quality, conditioned wood. These pleasingly varnished, mahogany masterpieces are well known and easily identified by antique boat enthusiasts. These men readily financed the high-powered designs of craftsman such as Christopher Columbus Smith, John L.
In 1926, the Smiths displayed their first boat at the 1926 National Motor Boat Show in New York, New York. The Chris Craft Runabout Speedboat model is built from scratch by experienced master artisans and is not from any sort of kit. The Chris Craft Runabout Speed boat's dashboard is complete with a realistic metal steering wheel, switches, and gauges, all made from polished metals.
Their publicity fostered great appeal as they were considered as the worldi??s fastest boats.
Like other Chris-Crafts this kit features the finest materials including chrome plated deck fittings complete drive line hardware flag and burgee.
To create the subtle details and definitions of the deck and hull, the plank on frame method of construction is used, which requires hundreds of hours of pain-staking, detailed work.

As Smithi??s boats started to receive awards such as the coveted Gold Cup of the American Power Boat Association, the Chris Craft name started to become a star among nautical enthusiasts. The 1926 models featured easy to operate controls, unparalleled safety, and comfort with the most luxurious ride. Extensive research is required to build each Chris Craft Runabout model according to scale, using various pictures, original plans, drawings, and digital imaging.
He continued to thrive in the speedboat competitions and his string of victories further accelerated the explosion of his companyi??s success. These new models featured a large, 150 horsepower Kermath engine and reinforced tilted glass windshields, innovative for their time. Each Chris Craft Runabout model ship is examined during various processes of manufacturing and shipment to ensure the highest quality and accuracy possible for your investment.
The models continued to improve as the company expanded and the Christ Craft boat manufacturing reign flourished.

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