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His way of presenting designs must be unique.They would look good on the wall in any study.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Whats so hard about that, costly, high maintenance, but not overly difficult if you open the cheque book. I really must find some old ramblings I did some years back and post for some critical comment.I know I filed them so they would fall easily to hand.This will ensure a long a torturous search before the eureka moment arrives ha ha! I have to say too that there are some excellent products around nowadays that make this far less a chore than it once was. I agree, white urethane paints are one of my favourites, nice shiny clean bright practical almost hose out interiors with little maintenance. Lets not also forget maintenance is hardly something that dissipates completely no matter what boat you own.
I have seen many of these vessels you describe above and know people who own some and they always seem to be sanding and varnishing and scrapping and painting something to keep them looking the way they do, and not much time sailing them.
1) a classic catamaran built using a combination of quality veneers will not stretch the weight issue to breaking point. 4) A classic catamaran built today using advanced techniques can still look the classic goods and have very few quantifiable maintenance issues that somehow relate to the poor souls you refer to sanding into the night. Originally Posted by clothears 1) a classic catamaran built using a combination of quality veneers will not stretch the weight issue to breaking point.
Fancy timber laminates are also very expensive and labour intensive to get right, and look like total ***** if gotten wrong.
To use a solid timber will be overly heavy and costly, to use a light timber will ding to easily.

Any vessel I have had anything to do with (I used to work for a company building 100ft plus megayachts) that had skillfully done timber work needed more work in the first place , needed more care to keep in that condition, and once it got out of condition needed more money spent compared to it painted counterpart. Cant just fill those dings, scrapes and scratches in the skillfully done timberwork with a bit of epoxy and give a quick sand and touchup hiding all under solid colour now can we. As for delamination, if it does happen it will be unnoticeable once repaired, bogged and painted. Same cant be said for repair work done on clear finished vessels, the difference in material batches is very very noticeable.
More practical, more form, more function than the first vessel and a MILLION DOLLARS more affordable. At some stage you will surely need to consider resale, it would be worthwhile looking at that long and hard as there has been many a modern classic (expensive) thing, built with passion and an open chequebook, sold at a huge discount at a latter date. Location: australia classic catamaran Okay folks here we have the closest thing I can find to what I would call a modern classic cat. I was suggesting that in that vessels instance you could buy the $1.3 mill knockoff or the real deal for a lot less. But yes, it is more boat thats for sure and yes it is nicer and to me better value than the former $1.3m vessel. Which makes me wonder why you dont, seriously, it will be cheaper and easier than building a 70ft cat and you will be out there now enjoying her.. I feel in a position to comment as I am well into the build of the 50ft cat in my avatar,Its a long tough slog and the vessel I posted above (and below) is one that I would now buy in a heartbeat as I could buy this now, unfortunately I was flat out affording the first lot of materials when I started the build. Looking through the same site I find this one, which is exactly what I wanted, but, the mono and 450k in the skyrocket for me would be more sensible.
Anyway, sorry for the rambling, clearly I am at a stage where my current build is giving me the shits and lately there has been some outstanding vessels come on the market for seemingly a lot less than they were 4 years ago and I cant help thinking that if I had my time again I would be second thinking the build.

I'm quite comfortable designing clipper bowed monohulls, I'm working on a small schooner with one right now.
Originally Posted by sabahcat More like I was suggesting that (using my top example and others I can point you to), it appears these days that to create a classic style, retro look vessel, from modern composite and then make appear to be old school by fitting quality timber laminates, costs a lot of money. I was more meaning an investment that returns dividends to the soul.But it would also be an easy vessel to find an owner who has a heartbeat moment. In the end I had to develop my own CAD drawings to accommodate the cold-molding modern style of construction.
I'd rather be out there using it than maintaining it continually and worrying that some guy in his dug out canoe that has little respect for my topsides might (will) damage the paint or that the customs guys in black kicker boots with his overly excited dog will do the same on my nicely varnished interior. A market that captures the hearts and wallets of those who cannot quite appreciate the whitegoods approach to catamarans. I am assuming you are pointing out that big money does not necessarily surpass the cheaper alternative by a substantial degree.But you suggested that money would make it a breeze to create a classic. It's smaller then his Lion class sloops (most of them were yawls under the CCA) which was 35'.
I lived for some years on a mono and though the length was quite good the space was not what it could be.

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