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I'm looking for some sort of detailed diagram showing the names of the parts of a traditional, wooden carvel-built rowing boat.
Tiernan adds that the reason most boats for sale today are made of fiberglass is that they can be made by semiskilled and unskilled workers who are cheaper to hire than the skilled craftspeople needed to build a wooden boat. Another is that when we build in wood or commission others to do so, we are helping to maintain an important tradition. I wonder also whether the argument that building from wood is environmentally friendly has really been made.
PS Fans of the US designer John Atkin will be interested to know that Tiernan is currently weblogging the build of a clinker-built Atkin Ninigret.
PPS I’d draw your attention to some of the comments below, particularly those of West Country boat designer, occasional building and general sailing man John Hesp.
Gavin, most of Tiernan's list deals with the engineering advantages of wood, as if we bought boats based on these facts.
Trees have been growing, falling over, rotting, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere for years and it hasn't caused a massive increase in atmospheric CO2. I do see what you mean – it seems unreasonable to reduce these issues to numbers and engineering criteria when one of the key reasons we go boating is often to get away from such prosaic considerations. Nevertheless, these issues are worth considering as I'm sure your inner designer will concede, and the environmental questions are much more subtle than most of us thought at the beginning. And of course, carbon emissions are tightly connected to economic activity and human activity in general.
On the other side of the issue, some fraction of whatever carbon there is in a plastic boat will remain locked in the material for a very long time.
You don't think you've been led down the garden path by what sounds a rather journalistic BBC article?
Ironing and washing, to be fair – both need more heat where cotton shirts are concerned. One interesting little tidbit I read recently is that the meat industry in one way or another, contributes significantly more to global warming than transportation, worldwide. One other nice thing about wooden boats, which has already been touched on a bit, but a nice one is gives pleasure to people, even when they aren't normally interested in boats. If the global warming cost of fossil fuels is added to that fuel we find ourselves playing a very different game. Did you know that one barrel of oil contains the same amount of energy as 12 men working for one year?
Image coming back to shore after a day on the water on a foggy day in an aluminum boat and the oars are clunking against metal. Have you got news for us?If what you're doing is like the things you read about here - please write and tell us what you're up to. Classic Sailor is a new magazine about traditional and classic boats from ex-Classic Boat editor Dan Houston and colleagues that promises rather more coverage of the traditional craft around our coast.
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Our Faversham-based friend Alan Thorne can help with boatbuilding projects - constructing to plans in very tidy stitch-and-glue or more traditional techniques. Like all of the Heritage Classic line, she is made of hand-laid fiberglass and carbon fiber graphite. As an exercise rower, she is much better than traditional dinghies, due to her advanced hull shape, light weight, and stiffness. Its timeless lapstrake hull, swooping sheer and wineglass stern give her classic good looks.
There is an optional second mounting station (for the sliding seat monorail) for those who wish to better relocate weight in the boat when passengers are aboard. Coffee tables are low lying tables which form the vital part of your living room decor and the center piece attraction while entertaining guests and visitors to your home.
Guaranteed to be a stealer of all conversations and parties, the alien table is one of the most unique pieces of accessory for your living space. Named as the Ripple, this is a LED touch-sensitive coffee table powered by 480 super-bright white LEDs. Inspired by paper spacers used in packaging materials, Tel Aviv based designers Dan Hochberg and Odelia Lavie has designed this sustainable coffee table which is a part of their pulp furniture range. To notch up the aesthetics of the living area a little higher the Italian designer coffee table named Plutone, by La Vetriria is a must have. Designed by Link Designer studio, this unique coffee table literally looks like a tree and adds a natural look to its surroundings. This sculpted wooden coffee table from pine wood is designed by Korean designer Jae Hyo Lee. This original rowing boat is designed by Everything Nautical, as classic home décor aimed towards rowing enthusiasts. Space shortage has given rise to multi-utility furniture, and one of these endeavors has been the Aquarium-cum-Coffee Table. Crafted by hand from bamboo plywood, the Futaba coffee table from the Delta Quadrant designers unfold to turn into a sofa seat for you, which otherwise can be used as a normal coffee table at home. Truly inspired by the iPhone 3G, this is truly chic and gorgeous addition to your living area.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A simple tribute to the start of one of mans most formidable voyages of discovery - the sea. Francois Vivier is France’s top designer of sail-and-oar boats and historic workboats. He already had an interest in sailing smaller boats, starting aged 10 in a Vaurien – a 1951 13ft (4m) bermudan dinghy designed by Jean-Jacques Herbulot, one of those cheap boats built of plywood and waterproof glue that got working people sailing in France after the war.
In 1981, he left the shipyard to co-found the French nautical magazine Chasse Maree with Bernard Cadoret, but stayed there just two years before returning to the business of big ships.
Two years after Avel, back in big ships again, Francois drew Aber for home-building in strip-plank.
MARIE CLAUDINE, 1991This is a good example of the many historical workboat replicas and interpretations Francois has designed over the years.
Throughout the early 1980s and 90s, Francois was learning that there is a big demand for versatile little sailing and rowing craft – and from the mid-80s, his boats were available for home-build, not that the French really go in for home boatbuilding with the same enthusiasm as Britons and Americans.
What is a sail-and-oar boat, I ask Francois, already aware of a general sort of definition.
BEniguet, 2005Like Jewell (overleaf), Beniguet falls firmly into the ‘19ft gaff trailer-sailer’ market, which is so popular and diverse. In the 1990s, the sail-and-oar boats were followed by a string of small, pretty cabin yachts – again for home or professional build. Jewell, 2011Yawls are often misunderstood in Britain but their charms havenot been lost on Americans – or Francois for that matter, who has designed Jewell with an eye on that market. This entry was posted in Articles, Design and tagged Aber, Beniguet, Jewell, Marie Claudine, Morbic 12, pen-hir, Stir Ven, Vivier. This year we continue our commitment to contribute to the health and fitness of you, our customers, by providing boats and equipment that are the best investment you have ever made. We know this from the great feedback we get from owners like Bert Reeve over in beautiful Gibsons, BC. Whitehall continues to offer the same impeccable quality as always however manufacturing costs have caught up with us meaning that our prices have to keep in line. In this regard, we are offering a last chance to order your boat for spring delivery at last year’s prices. Call or email as soon as possible and we can go over the details for a new boat order to avoid the price increases.
I am also pleased to introduce Michael Marek as a new member of our sales and marketing team.
Michael is excited by the tremendous benefits realized from slide seat rowing including cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, all in one whole body nonimpact activity.
This year we will be displaying three Classic Whitehall Spirit® models and the Solo 14 and Tango 17 models shown below. While everyone strives to keep fit as we all get older, we are here to assist you with keeping happy, healthy and relaxed rowing and sailing our top quality boats and equipment. Most of the time in winter the weather here in Victoria is suitable for rowing and we will be out rowing off the season’s extra calories as often as we can!
If having a Whitehall Spirit® boat for your enjoyment next year is on your agenda and you’d seriously like to save some money, consider placing an order now. All 2015 we kept our prices down to help make your dream of ownership possible but now with less than 2 weeks left in the year it’s the last chance to book your order at existing prices. Those of you who slide seat row already know how great it feels to utilize your whole body and how much power you have to work with. So I am happy to report The Oar Board® SUP fit-on-top Rower is being discovered by more and more people all around the world.
Call us or send an email and talk to Marie, Diana, Yvonne, or myself, Harold, and we will set you up for either an immediate or spring delivery at the lowest prices we can offer for the world’s highest-quality boats, rowing units, and accessories. Regular readers of the Whitehall Newsletter must have wondered where we have been since the last newsletter way back in June. Several Classics Whitehall Spirit were built and shipped along with many more Solo 14s and Tango 17s. As we hoped the Oar Board™ Paddle Board rower has continued to grow in popularity and thanks to internet marketing has now been shipped to happy owners in over 24 countries. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical after assembling everything in my living room and feeling how loose the sliding mechanism fit when positioned in the track.
We also have had a chance to get the Oar Board™ sculling out in some moderate waves with Julian Subda, local standup paddle boarder, surfer and onetime rowing national champion.

At one point he tested the unit by rowing right in to where the waves broke against the breakwater and the backwash was quite intense. The last Newsletter featured the two Tango 17 racing nasty rough water in the first leg of the R2AK race. Well it will not be quite so long until the next Newsletter as we are smoothly cruising right along here at Whitehall. Now if one wants to get really fanatical about rowing and or sailing they could head off to Alaska in the upcoming R2AK race that starts on June 4 in Port Townsend and eventually ends way up in Skagway Alaska. Let’s face it, there are not that many ready-to-go boats that can handle the potential wrathfull waters of Juan de Fuca Strait with reasonably safely. Although not carrying on to Alaska both the team ‘Whitehall Border Patrol’ (Di and Peter) and ‘Team for Sparta’ (Adam and Dom) are hot to get across in good time. So it’s going to be an interesting first leg and even more interesting as the main fleet heads up the inside passage renown for its 4 meter tides and fierce winds whistling down the various fiords and inlets. Our inspiration with the Oar Board™ originally was and still is to introduce and enable people to participating in the sport of rowing (sculling) as an independent activity.
The world is getting smaller with respect to travel and traveling with a pair of 9’6” sculling oars is harder than say an SUP paddle but now with the new two part carbon fiber sculls it’s getting a lot easier. Recently Whitehall’s talented production crew custom built a West Coast 11’6” shore boat for a power boat owner who ditched his inflatable dinghy in favor of a real boat.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
Sometimes extra parts are included in a heavy built work boat versus a lighter weight pleasure craft, such as extra deadwoods, apron, or heavier keelson in addition to keel. Boatbuilders teach each other, and the skills have long been conveyed by oral transmission. But if we only build boats out of oil, and keep a constant number of trees, there will be a nett increase in CO2. I became aware of this when a BBC magazine looked at the issue and decided that the heat consumed in ironing a cotton shirt meant that poly-cotton shirts were a better environmental deal; so it seems to me that we should consider all the inputs and outputs, not just the obvious ones. Gaseous hydrocarbons are often very powerful greenhouse gases, and if a boat needs eight coats of varnish every two years, what's the impact of that? I wish someone would give me some nice, clear well worked answers that left me knowing where I was on all this, and that I could quote when the issue arises. I can guarantee that the energy expended per year ironing my cotton shirts is less than it takes to make a years worth of polyester shirts…. And it seems to me that I've never even owned an iron that got hot enough to iron a cotton shirt properly! We should use wood because we want to, and save our agonizing about our carbon footprints for the times when it really counts. I am not about to give up my roast lamb, but cutting my meat intake in half would do me good, and probably make a more significant dent in my carbon footprint than all the other little fiddles one reads about put together.
The difference in the reaction of people when I am paddling some rental day-glo plastic fantastic canoe, and when they see me in my little varnished oak and pine S-O-F canoe is remarkable.
I seem to remember writing about the issue years ago, and finding that the energy savings from triple glazing can take a century to pay back the investment. What's needed is some sort of mechanism where the cost of dealing with CO2 problems are paid for by the sources of CO2, then triple glazing and the like would look a lot more attractive finacially. If person A manufactures a triple glazed panel using oil based energy sources the cost of energy is very low but the CO2 generated is very high. The cost of the triple glazed panel goes up slightly because of the embodied energy, but the cost of the energy being saved over, say, 20 years is a very worthwhile saving. Theres a tigermoth biplane at our local airport that is probably 60-70 years old with wooden wing spars that DO flex. Try scrolling down, clicking on the 'older posts' button at the bottom of this page - or try the search gadget! This has 3 benefits: First, when docking, you can swing the arm in without removing the oar. Also standard are two drain plugs, molded non-skid, storage compartment, and bow and stern eyes. Little River Marine has been constructing ultra light racing shells for 30 years, and we have applied what we have learned about light strong composite construction to this boat.
The entire gunwale is shaped like a large horseshoe, all Coast Guard Certified air chamber flotation. With or without a storage compartment, this adornment for living areas, is an ideal accessory to serve beverages or finger foods while entertaining or even to hold your remote, books and coffee mugs otherwise. Handcrafted from used bike, cars and other scrap machine parts, this robotic alien will perk up your house or conversation effortlessly. A helpful means to fix this dilemma is buying a coffee table with extra storage availability.
Designed for the gizmo geeks, the table top is made of infra-red proximity sensors to light up when touched, the table can also operate normally when the LED are switched off. Easy to clean and quick to assemble this quirky table helps wastage and promotes recycling. This fully glass table gives the room an elegant look and also lightens up the surroundings. The depiction of woody natural set-up highlighted by a creative style of geometric art lends a contemporary feel to room décor.
The base comes in chromed or silver lacquer and the top is available in a variety of clear, frosted, black, red or brown glass to match your mood, decoration and desire.
Providing your guests with this most relaxing option of watching fishes in water, the table with a sturdy glass top can also be used as a holder to your normal side table contents. Designed to save space and also provide extra seating situations, this table is extremely useful for people living in small modern apartments. Designed by recycled products by iLounge designers Tuan Nguyen and Ken Thomas, this table is aimed towards hardcore Apple fans, whose enthusiasm never seems to ebb when it comes to i-products. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used.For information on cookies and how to disable them, please check your browser settings.
In 1975, the newly qualified naval architect Francois Vivier took his first job at the project department of Chantier de l’Atlantique, designing ro-ro ferries, gas and oil tankers and every other manner of large, commercial vessel. Later, as a teenager, he spent years sailing with his father on the family’s Normandy Class Laurent Giles yacht. He drew the lines in 1984, a derivation of his first sail-and-oar boat, the Aven, of a few years previously. The secrets to its success (1,000 sets of plans sold) are, according to Francois, a good length, a comfortable beam and seaworthiness.
Sail-and-oar has grown and grown since then – and continues to do so now, with many coming to realise that the 40-footer (12m) in the marina is impractical and increasingly unaffordable. The Beniguet formula is relatively low weight (thanks to a clinker-ply build), a centreboard that pivots below the sole for performance, plenty of cabin space anda sensible split in space that gives a 6ft 7in (2m)-long cockpit with enough cabin left over to offer three berths.
Over 20ft (6.1m) or so, as many Vivier boats are built professionally as they are at home, and yards in France (one run by his son), America and Holland offer his boats built or in kit form. Adrian asked the editor and me to cast our eyes over it to see if we could see anything wrong. It was set up in 2011 by Mike Newmeyer, formerly of the Apprenticeshop in Rockport, Maine, and the first students graduated this July after their two-year course. Bert has been slide seat rowing at least 100 times a year for over 20 years in his pride and joy, a Whitehall Spirit 14 Classic, and is still loving it. Some model prices are more stable but those that require more exotic materials will be going up in price, reflecting the higher cost of those materials and components. He is an excellent fit with over 20 years in sales and marketing and he will be mainly working in our boat sales division.
So now, when you call or email Michael, Diana, Marie or myself are all standing by ready to assist. If you purchase a boat and request delivery in the Seattle area, we offer free delivery during the show. If anyone wants to save a few dollars, any advance orders booked now can be picked up at the show meaning free delivery and at the special show price of $895.00.
We hope you’re all feeling as happy as we are with 2015 and ready to rest up over the holidays. Boat pricing will be increasing by as much as 20% in 2016 on the Classics and 10% for the Solo 14 and Tango 17. Don’t get me wrong as paddling is hugely fun, simple to do and easy to learn but it is not like rowing. We have now shipped units to over 30 different countries with a few dealers in place as well. And to make it easier for those of you hoping and planning to get a Whitehall Spirit® boat, or perhaps an Oar Board™, right now we are once again offering an end-of-year seasonal special!
That is, unless they were hooked onto Whitehall’s Facebook page, which has a post or two per week or perhaps the Oar Board™ page. Boat sales picked up to almost double last year’s and getting boats completed and into the hands of new owners was, as usual, our highest priority.
Owners were saying how much they needed to escape the rat race, get out on the water relaxing and getting fit (at the same time) and now is the time they are moving forward with getting their own boat.
For over a month we were completely sold out and waited impatiently for parts and materials to arrive. And the next day we were out on salt water deep sea fishing and caught plenty of pollock (up to 7-8 kg).
Julian was stoked to get out in some waves and the Whitehall test crew were quite amazed at how well he did.
An Oar Board™ Rower might just be the ultimate life changing Christmas present for the right person!

It was in support of the Mercy Ships organization that operates a floating hospital ship in the waters of East Africa. Of course in terms of our Whitehall Spirit® boats it could be just that people are getting more common sense about what’s good for their health and the environment in general.
The winner gets to snag $10,000 that reports say will be nailed to a tree waiting for the winner to collect. Both teams’ boat of choice is a Tango 17 fitted with a compass for potential fog, and a special 10GPm pumps for the occasional splash aboard. One that allows people to get out and safely enjoy the benefits and beauty of our water environment. Take along an inflatable SUP, an Oar Board™ and a pair of these sculls and it’s off you go to some exotic location to row to your hearts content. With our busy working and family lives I have no hesitation in saying that we own and use at least one boat that we wouldn’t be able to keep up it on a DIY basis if it was made from wood. For example, when wood eventually rots its breakdown must release carbon dioxide and the much worse global warming gas methane. If the returns are so small, I'd suggest there are likely to be other areas we could cut down on that would make more of a difference.
If person B manufactures the same panel using energy from photovoltaics the cost of energy is very high, but the CO2 released is very low.
New for yachtsmen is an optional all white gunwale, so there won’t be any chance of scuff marks against your main vessel.
Given below are some creative and remarkable options that you can pick to add that extra dynamism in your sitting area. It unfolds from within a layered storage facility which helps you remove the clutter around the space and also create space for that extra mug of coffee or books when required. It is mounted on stands and has an oval glass over it to make it serve as a fully functional coffee table.
Priced anywhere between $500-900, such a novel and luxurious living room accessory comes in various shapes and sizes to suit your requirement. I’m an engineer!” he said, reliving his frustration as we sail his little Pen-Hir (see last month’s CB) through a fleet of literally hundreds of his boats. After that, the creative floodgates were open and designs began to pour from Francois’ pen including, around 1985, the Ilur, still his most popular boat to date and enthusiastically cruised by our friend, the Dinghy Cruising Association (DCA) stalwart, Roger Barnes. Sailing at Morbihan, the fleet was filled with examples of living history that started on his drawing board.
She’s a very fast ‘raid boat’ with a high-peaked gaff rig of great sail area and very little wetted surface area, deriving stability from a 397lb (180kg) iron, hydrodynamically formed centreboard.
By this point, Francois’ ‘proper’ career had taken him all the way to MD of the French Shipbuilding Research Institute.
One might imagine a paternal position like this to be the pinnacle of a grand career, but if the likes of Pen-Hir are anything to go by, the best is yet to come. Michael is a very outdoor oriented active guy doing long distance cycling, tennis, hiking, swimming, and trail running. 6) and Whitehall will be at two locations with one display at the downtown show at Century-Link Field in the North Hall booth #146, and another at the floating show at Lake Union in the center of the entrance tent. Booking your order now means you not only receive the current pricing on your purchase, but you will also receive the off-season special oar package at no charge. A new product video has been completed and several short clips including some from our recent photo video shoot in Kona Hawaii.
After January 1, 2016, our Oar Board™ dealer agreements will force this special ordering opportunity to end forever. A few sailboats went out as well, however people are realizing that slide seat rowing is good for the body and soul anytime, whether the wind is blowing or not. Here’s a shot of Nick Brech in his assembly bay and another shot of a trailer load headed out east to Michigan, Quebec, Maine, New York and Connecticut including a beautiful Classic 17′ Sailing model to a happy new owner in Maryland. As you can see in the Video of Rowing in Waves he actually could not wipe the grin off as he played around in some really sloppy waves. The reports we get back from our many owners over the past twenty-five years have already proven to me how much better owners feel after incorporating regular rowing into their lifestyles. Competitive racing is fun in that it appeals so well to satisfying our survival instincts however recreational rowing (sculling) is perfect for those of us such as John that love the water and also love to keep fit without stress and in fast safe seaworthy boats.
Here it is shown mounted on his 37’ Riviera’s transom swim grid using weaver snap davits and also sampling a hydraulic swim grid platform on 55’ Riveria. So what is the lifetime cost of a wooden boat to the environment compared with a plastic one? With regard to the maintenance I was referring to epoxy encapsulated wood like the Ninigret I'm building. The recession might have lowered energy costs, but I can see us coming out of it with soaring energy costs.
Designed by Swiss designer Florian Kräutli, this table comes with drawers and stacked tables that are extremely functional as well as stylish. It also has a detachable shelf to use to store books and magazines or maybe show off your marine collection of shells and other antique curio. Francois describes this as an “excellent rowing boat” for one or two people, and a fast sailing boat.
Francois describes Marie Claudine as “an exceptional boat informed by the Ozanne [18th-century naval architect from Breton] or Morel-Fatio [the French 19th-century marine painter] engravings of the maritime life of the Brest area in the 18th century. This time, bad weather kept numbers down somewhat, but it’s not just in France that the downsizing story is so alive. Adrian customises his Morbic 12s with oar stowage, removable seats, buoyancy and waterproof stowage. We’d love to be able to offer the same prices next year, however our suppliers are simply not making this possible.
And you can still schedule your boat’s delivery for arrival at the best possible time next year rather than risk waiting for a truckload with room and losing some precious summer time on the water.
Kids bailed out of FB half a generation ago and now it’s us boomers and Xers who rule that digital space.
The day was a bit nasty with winds gusting twenty knots at times but in the harbour it was pretty flat. One most common comment is that going out rowing regularly in a fast stable boat has greatly improved their attitudes about life, as well as their fitness and health. One is Diana Lesieur, Whitehall’s Oar Board™ marketing person, along with Peter Vogel who was Diana’s partner for the 40 mile row from Marina del Rey to Santa Catalina a couple of years ago.
I could find nothing in the range of this setup ($2500), especially that could be delivered to my home. Maybe plastic boat owners are more inclined to motor than sail, and maybe plastic boat owners are more attracted to resource hogging marinas? Sure, we need a reasonably big car to haul the family around, but could we get away with an overgrown go-cart for the commute to work? No longer do yachtsmen need to settle for tenders that have forgotten form in the name of function. We wanted to revive the versatility of an old-style sail-and-oar boat, something you can sail on the sea and row on a river.
After eating our lunch of ham sandwiches hove-to, we sailed past Chantier du Guip on the Ile-aux-Moines, surely France’s most traditional yard, and spotted glimpses of it through the thick tree cover. When the sailing gear is removed, it will be the sexiest double-position sculling boat as well. My old friend Wayne Goring is skippering his ultra hot trimaran in the event along with many other experienced water people such as another friend Colin Angus who has designed and built a special rowing sailing boat just for the event.
Furthermore, traditional sculls subjected to the winds, wakes, washes prevalent on the Bay (I live on the Chesapeake Bay) would quickly swamp a regular scull.
Just to add a factor that seems relevant, what is the contribution to global warming made by the drying of spirit-based paints and varnish?
The 12 Yacht Tender is a better “family” sailing version as it carries a smaller, single sail.
This is a romantic rowing craft much like that of which had graced the waters at the turn of the century.
The rig is typical of the first evolution from the old square sail to the lugsail: masts are raked aft, yards are hung at one third of their length and just the sail foot has been cut out. John Perryman thought the design looked disastrous and was very robust in his dismissal of what he saw as a dangerously unstable boat, “for beefy crew on trapezes with wetsuits”. Prices on everything from resins to wood and fittings have already gone up, some by 40%, and driving up our overheads.
Colleen Sullivan of Mercy Ships International and Diana Lesieur from Whitehall Rowing & Sail did an excellent job of organizing the event and it raised a nice contribution for Mercy Ships. These two fellows are also strong rowers having both won Olympic Gold in rowing back in 2008.
From my recollection on the Charles River in Boston, single scull rowers had to be wary even in moderate chop. Like others of his small lug-rigged, Breton-inspired small craft, Aber is misainier-rigged after the fashion of the small workboats of the first half of the 20th century. Adam, in an even more challenging endeavor, rowed most of the way across the Atlantic ocean a couple of years ago all the way from Dakar in Africa to the Bermuda Triangle where fate intervened.
Compact and out of the way keeping me and my SUP very maneuverable when worn this way as it cannot hang up the scull oars handles.

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