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For my first wooden boat project, well first boat actually, I picked up a very distressed old 12ft clinker rowing boat in August 2011 off an old guy in the local pub (much to the sniggers of some of my neighbours).
It was an enjoyable project from start to finish and I'd like to thank DIY Wood Boat for being an invaluable source of information over the last year. A boat that will row and sail well is a common request that this little double ender is designed to fill. A recent addition to our list of small daysailers is this lovely half decked double ender in traditional plank on frame construction. Anyone seeking an introduction to the carvel method would do well to pause and consider this little boat. The model of a shallow, beamy daysailer is one seen elsewhere in this catalog:#107 Skylarkand#113 Jessieare close relatives. Performance under sail will not match that of the lighter, beamier dinghies in the catalogue, but nevertheless this is a delightful small daysailer. This is an intricate piece of work and a good deal more time-consuming than single skin construction, but the result is very pleasing and should stand up well without a burden of maintenance. Skill level is high as are all our clinker designs but this is not a difficult shape to plank and frame.

It has enough beam and power in its sections to carry a rig to windward with some hiking out in stronger breezes. Contained here are all the elements of plank on frame boat building at the smallest scale and in a shape that will present few difficulties to the competent woodworker. This one is a little longer than her sisters and carries a small amount of outside ballast and an efficient gaff sloop rig. It is based on a traditional British beach boat model and its construction follows traditional practice. I have also thought it would be fun to build one of these with a small inboard and omit the centreboard. Because she was designed for California conditions, we planked her double skin on bent frames, to ensure stability of the wood, while preserving a traditional feel. It is a performance boat similar in many ways to #113 "Jessie", but of much simpler construction, lighter displacement and better off-wind speed. It would make an excellent project for those interested in practicing traditional building methods. Generous beam and built-in buoyancy tanks fore and aft make this an ideal boat for learning to sail.

Traditional carvel on bent frames is the best match for the character of the boat and will be the most enjoyable to do.
It has a beautiful set of lines with a high transom and tight tuck that will be great fun to build. The building method is traditional clinker on bent frames, centreboard is wood and the boat is open without side decks.
For a boat that must live on a trailer, the option of strip planking sheathed inside and out with glass cloth and epoxy resin is also shown.
A straightforward building method and well detailed plans make this one well suited to the beginning boat builder.
Additional photos, construction and sailing, may be seen on"Skylark's" page in the Custom Boatbuilding section.

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