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With the introduction of the A25, Cobalt Boats returned to our roots in marine design, to fundamental enhancements of the boating experience. Observe the hull, where only a five-piece mold could produce the functionality of a running surface with consequent reduced bow rise at acceleration, more stability in turns, more comfort at cruise. It is an accommodating day boat bringing to market all the timeless elegance of a cruiser coupled with all the performance of a sportboat. Available in meaningful twin-engine configurations, with or without joystick control, the 336 means power as needed, control as desired, luxury and comfort as expected.
In the quantum leaps in technology, among all its genuinely new features, the A28 shows forth hour upon skilled man-hour of refined Cobalt craftsmanship a€“ in the upholstery, at the helm, in the rubbed perfection of the gelcoat a€“ and the payoff comes in years of reliable, worry-free enjoyment.
If you love this boat, go pick out one at Cobalt Boats or visit Naples Boat Mart and tell them Land Yo sent ya! I have a 2005 343 Cobalt with only 58 original hours on it.  This boat is a  fresh water only boat in exceptional condition. Walk astern to the deployable swim platform that lowers below the waterline with the press of a button. This flat-out exhilarating machine features an award winning ride, handles like that of a premium sports car with the leathered luxury of the cabin, roomy enough for a dozen buddies. The panoramic side windows in the hull bring the outside in and reflect the envious stares of dockside passersby.

And, to top it off a€“ literally, the optional stainless arch and hardtop is immediately self-explanatory in its popularity. Buttery smooth vinyls, rich textures, stainless steel accents all marry together to create this one of a kind model. Originally built for the President of Cobalt Boats, this gorgeous 343 has factory 575 hp Bull Dog Blower motors Mercury X drives, generator, heat and AC, Tabs, etc… Everything is factory.
These pictures are from the last years, I?m going to make some new pictures and a video in two weeks.
They are fanatical about every detail of boat building, innovation, fit and finish and most of all they are fanatical about quality and customer care. Even the windshield invites further investigation of its stainless-steeled strength, its wraparound handsomeness. Her inverse hull, whose complexity only yacht makers have seen fit to attempt, creates the sweep of a profile that can come only from Cobalt craftsmanship.
The bow is broader in the beam, roomy and then some, with immediately reconfigurable seating.
Notice the easier boarding on the A25, its revolutionary extensions of storage in both access and convenience, the flexibility of the seating arrangements, the ergonomics throughout. Special to the A Series is the hydraulic swim platform which lowers 24" below the watera€™s surface.

At once snug and expansive, with a sofa stretching out there nine full feet and swiftly changeable to a berth capable of sleeping two adults and a three-year-old interloper, the cabin makes full and fine use of its spaciousness, by turns air-conditioned or heated as the day's outing or the week's cruise might require.
Perfect for dipping a toe in the cool water, or functioning as a step stool for those eager kiddos jumping aboard. Inside a cabinet designed to very specific purposes of entertainment and efficiency come a 32" LCD HD television, a DVD player, and a play-station hookup.
Cobalt listens to owners' needs with respect and patience and puts them first because they know that a happy owner will help them sell more Cobalts. Cobalt not only builds boats on the premise that no one job is more important than another - it's also the way the entire company is run.
If their president arrives at work a few minutes late, he may expect to walk to his office from the far north parking lot. And so again tomorrow they will do their part to nourish the implicit trust that underpins their relationships with Cobalt dealers, with Cobalt associates and, of course, with the remarkable people who own Cobalt boats.

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