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In 1981 there was a collapse of the King crab fishery so the boat stayed busy fishing Tanner crab. During the 1980’s, the vessel stayed busy all year long fishing Opilio crab 6-8 months (January-August), Blue King crab in the Pribilof Islands (August), Red King Crab (September),Brown and Red King Crab (November-December) out West on the Aleutian chain. In 1987, rather than buying a new boat, the family decided to have Northwestern lengthened to 118 feet in order to pack more crab and increase the vessels stability and ability to carry more gear (crab pots). Northwestern TVFilming Phil’s Tribute – Behind the ScenesSig Hansen – Cars 2 Red Carpet PremiereFox 2 St. She's a great boat that had a full survey done in February 2013 and that info is readily available.

This is a great opportunity run your own charter business in Kona, Hawaii, one of the big game fishing capitals of the world for a great price. Sounds like this is the kind of boat that would be great as a daysailor and weekend cruiser in fairly protected waters. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Even though the vessel was very busy year-round, the crew always made it home for Christmas. This prompted the family to have the boat lengthened to 125 feet in order to attain the maximum pot limit of 250 pots per vessel.

Join thousands of others who are searching for and browsing Commercial Boats ads with our online system. The vessel was built specifically for the King and Tanner crab fisheries of Alaska’s Bering Sea. Opilio fishing lead to over-capitalization of the fishery overall with several new boats being built at that time.

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