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Lake George - Florida's third largest lake (after Okechobe and Apopka) is large enough that you can see a horizon from Georgetown. Buffalo Bluff Sand Bar - Just around the bend before the railroad bridge, the Sand Bar is a popular summer spot. Corkey Bells - A recent addition to the riverfront, Corkey Bells is a well-known family friendly place with live outdoor music and great food.
Palatka City Dock - Within walking distance of the attractions of downtown Palatka, including Steamboat Willies and Peabody's.

Johns River is Florida's largest rivers and one of a relative few major north-flowing rivers in the world.
These natural springs are home to indian mounds, hiking trails, 72 degree crystal clear water, and during holidays, drunken revelry.
It stretches just over 310 miles from it's source in Indian County to it's mouth at the Atlantic Ocean, east of Jacksonville. The river level drops a mere 30 feet during this course, making it one of the slowest flowing rivers around (with the exception of Downtown Jacksonville, where the river narrows significantly, creating quite strong currents).

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