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It was the first time I’d been sailing in Turkey for about 20 years, and I was returning to our old cruising grounds around Bodrum. We boarded our little Sunsail 32 in Turgutreis and set off south as soon as we could for Knidos, nestling behind a wild outcrop on the end of a long peninsula. The coast here is steep-to and there are very few hazards to worry about (charted ones, at any rate). The usual Meltemi wind from the northwest had been countered by a southerly and in places the two cancelled each other out. A month later and firmly back in the UK, we had the chance of a weekend sail in our Sadler 34.
We ducked in behind the spit at Hurst and angled in towards the buoys marking the entrance to diminutive, eerie Keyhaven River.
Location: denmark tiny cruising catamaran i have looked at diffrent designs regarding small multihulls. Location: denmark its a very interesting design, but i was actualy thinking smaller yet. Even then I know one chap who fitted his with a prodder, hiking racks and an assymetric spinnaker---and it went like the clappers. The biggest advantage of the Jarcat is that you can trail it without de-mounting or folding anything. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida That is an outstanding little power(sail?) cat! Location: USA I'd agree that Jarcats are good boats, though you don't want to push them in heavy weather. Zubian is a nice looking 18 footer, but I wonder about the hull beam-- it's almost 3 feet at the waterline, which mean it's not quite 6 to 1.
Originally Posted by rayaldridge I'd agree that Jarcats are good boats, though you don't want to push them in heavy weather.
Location: denmark i absolutely love the miss cindy, but he hasnt made the drawing available for public. RR See the thread on Ears And Wedges Hull Assembly regarding (assuming) the build method of this craft.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. While at Trawler Fest in Anacortes, we were invited to sea-trial the new Aspen C100 power catamaran. Between seminars we snuck out to the docks and introduced ourselves to Larry and Nick Graf of Aspen Power Catamarans to learn about this new and interesting creature…er…cruising cat. The first innovation takes a keen eye and a bit of nontraditional thinking: only one engine in a two-hull catamaran—not a twin hull, as the port hull is about 35 percent smaller than the starboard hull, where the engine can be found. Believing a single-engine catamaran could be powerful enough to push through Pacific Northwest seas and continue on to the Inside Passage and Alaska, Larry came up with a fantastic design that feels right. Dogs that we are, we started sniffing around this cat by taking a careful look at her proa design at the dock. The dash comfortably holds a full sweet of electronics below large windows for spectacular visibility. Enter the main cabin from the aft deck looking forward toward the helm station, and experience wide-open visibility—port, starboard, forward, aft. Between the entry door and the helm are an efficient galley to port and comfy dinette to starboard.
Continue forward and starboard of the helm, down a step or two, and you have arrived in the hallway. Five bulkheads in each hull (two are solely structural) provide three watertight compartments, each with bilge pumps. So now that we’ve detailed the creature comforts, we’ll attempt to explain the science behind this design.
This cat design concept is similar to the South Pacific proa, a sailboat with a second smaller hull or outrigger. Anyone who has operated a twin-engine trawler using only one engine knows the boat won’t drive straight without significant rudder correction. The starboard hull’s single engine will walk or back the Aspen to port in reverse, just slightly. While talking about propulsion designs, Larry Graf described the unique get-home power system for the Aspen.
Then, when dockside, you can plug into shorepower and continue enjoying the comfort of air conditioning while the battery bank is replenished by the inverter charger.
The dinette can convert to a queen berth if owner’s decide to share in the adventures. During our sea trial, we ran with four people aboard, 60 gallons of fuel, a full 50-gallon water tank and fair weather.
We experimented with different angles of approach to tug wakes to see how the boat would right herself after crashing across tall seas. Today’s trawler market includes “trailerable trawlers,” and the Aspen C100 fits well into that concept. In this traditionally monohull world of trawlers, the Aspen C100 proa cat can certainly run with the big dogs. We ran the Aspen C100 with four people aboard, 60 gallons of fuel, a full water tank(50 gallons) and fair weather, with sea conditions varying from flat calm to choppy with swells. Storage is a significant part of the operating costs here in Florida – and anything that makes it harder to dry store the boat makes it more expensive to operate.
We should have access to WiFi at the different stops along the way where I hope to update this thread with pictures. Thursday dawned wet but by 1.30pm, launch time, the sun had come out and the temperature soared.
I was very pleased to find that we did 15 knots with twin 20hp Tohatsu outboards and 10 knots using just one. Location: Camarillo California Nice job Congratulation, 15 knts with twin 20hp is very nice, that translate to a very nice lean hull shape and light boat.
Location: United States Converting a Sailing Catamaran to a Eco Cat power.
Just got on this site and saw that you are considering converting a sailing catamaran to a power cat.

I am looking for is a super economical Catamaran as well that is light weight and can be powered, I am not out to break speed records just need to do around 20+ mph is fine with a good cruising range.
I have been considering the same thing for the past 8 years and looking around and researching as much as I can to find what would suit my needs and budget and not take forever to do the project. Yes I agree that most conversion don't turn out very good looking but give them credit they tried. The Right Track - I noticed that one of the shots that where posted to you were of a Diving cat that I to looked into and used as a bases to consider building one. On my creek there is a McGregor Sail Boat 25' mono hull , a couple a years ago as I was cruising out of the creek here I saw this thing flying in with white water splash from the hull and moving around 20 to 25 knots with the mast leaning into the turn. It was suggested to me 5 years ago to start to look into the Stiletto 27' Cats because of the size and buoyancy of the craft and that it could hold up to 8 to 10 people . My Concept Idea is this if you could find a nice set of perfect hulls that are sea worthy from the get go why couldn't you take the top half of a curved windshield small power boat of about 20' or less and cut off the weight of the bottom half and drop the top half on to the hull supports of the catamaran and make up a bottom pan to deflect the water between the hulls. Stilettos where my choice but they are very expensive and rare to find under $10k most are 20k and some are $30k all of which is out of side of what I the project would allow.
I gave up trying to find a set of hulls cheap, I decided just to build a scale model of the my Idea so I went the Wildjib site to get some specs and I thought I would just check the for sale ads on Wildjib and I couldn?t believe there was on the site within my range so I made the deal quickly and before it snowed, its in my yard now .
Got It - My Plan is moving forward and I am about to set the top half of the power boat on the cat and fit it up in the next couple of weeks once this Polar Vortex leaves us here in Va. Location: Camarillo California MacGregor power Cat + sailing Here is a link to a MacGregor convertion. In late September, it was decidedly the tail end of the season, and we flew in on the wings of one storm (and out on the vanguard of another).
It was a town of 80,000 souls in antiquity, but no more than two buildings and a handful of dogs these days.
We set sail north, round the high rock from which the ancients used to fling their miscreants, then turned east down the long, narrow Gulf of Gokova.
We enjoyed sliding quite close to the shore to peer into deep, deserted inlets and behind islands fringed with turquoise shallows.
In other spots we found ourselves switching from a port tack to starboard, without changing course, as the two winds battled each other.
There are several narrow passes between the islands, strung like a barrier across the mouths of several bays. But knowing that the wind was due to return to the NW in the morning, we tucked ourselves in behind a spit at the entrance to the deepest cove, which loses itself in reeds and mud (and, no doubt, clouds of mosquitos). We took her from Poole up towards the Solent, basking in the brittle sun of a late autumn day.
I grew up sailing scows here and was keen to anchor once more in the pool behind the river entrance, where the only noise comes from the bickering of the oystercatchers and the curlews.
Different elements of the weather dominate the cruising, but how quickly one forgets the power of the tide where there is none! Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The Grafs were quite eager to convert us to their concept of a single-engine power catamaran. All hand laid by Nordic Tug, the hull gelcoat is the CCP Premium Armorcote, a flexible UV stabilized blend. The hull to deck fitting is a “shoebox” fit, meaning the deck mold fits over the hull mold just like a box top would. And we suggest that you not only trust us but also verify with a sea trial yourself one day.
The smaller hull provides stability with less drag for the larger hull, and this design allows straight-ahead steering with no directional skewing.
She is a displacement design, giving you the speed and comfort you appreciate while riding in the water—not bouncing across the top of the waves like most go-fast boats.
Since all cruising boats have a dinghy to get ashore from an anchorage and that dinghy has an outboard motor, why not design a removable bracket under the swim platform to mount that outboard for backup propulsion assistance? An additional battery charging system can include two solar panels mounted on the cabin roof. Sea conditions varied from flat calm just outside the marina to a good chop with swells from the tugboats operating in the area around Guemes Island.
You can purchase the Aspen near the factory in Snohomish, Washington, and cruise the San Juan Islands and Pacific Northwest. The fuel consumption rates and speeds listed were viewed on the dash-mounted Garmin GPS 5208 and Volvo Penta engine panel. The engines are brand new, so really we should have stayed at tick over speeds for the first two hours. I agree to build the hulls is way out side of my ability's and time frame and budget I don?t want to have to re-invent the right hull , I want to by one that has track time and is proven in the water.
The dive cats are built in Florida and are about 30' long and 18? wide and can hold around 20 people and yet will draft only 12"to 16?.
But there are many sailing cats that hit 20 to 22 knots and one that I considered was a Sea Wind or Reynolds because of cost and availability, it was approx 22' to 24' not sure. I did and as I read up on them I discovered that they have sailed up to 26 knots max speed. SWATH Design » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Seaworthy Kayak ?????
However, the number of visiting yachts is enough to support a large (and expensive) restaurant here. In places, mountains rise to over 600m, though the peninsula is no more than a few miles wide. The echosounder dives from 150m-plus to less than 10m in the batting of an eyelid, but in the day’s calm conditions, there was nothing to fear. It was as well that we did, because there was 20 knots blowing by the morning and after lunch, a steep sea had developed outside. We spent 20 minutes trying various kedging off techniques, but she was soon bobbing at about 20 degrees off the horizontal so, with low water only half an hour away, we settled down to wait.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

Those of us without engineering minds might struggle with the concept of how this asymmetric craft produces a straight and steady ride. The tighter foothold on the starboard side is still wide enough for any mate to manage line handling when locking or docking. Tucked into the port hull is a single berth for an extra fishing buddy or lots more storage when provisioning for a jaunt down island.
Turn forward, where you’ll find a king-size bed in the master stateroom, or turn aft to a roomy head. This is followed by pure vinylester Hydrex for the first layer of fiberglass under the gel coat.
Additionally the bows have a layer of Kevlar making them impact resistant and proud to carry a 10-year warranty. An aluminum backer plate is bonded into the hulls’ top inside edge and the fiberglass deck cap is joined and sealed with aircraft grade urethane adhesive.
Even in a following sea, which we experienced during part of our time at the helm aboard the C100, this extraordinary little power cat pressed on like a knife through butter, rare for most displacement hulls.
This is not the case on the Aspen C100, because the two underwater hull designs and the engine torque counteract each other and keep the boat on a straight course. The location of a midship cleat and window next to the helm seat makes line handling comfortable for singlehanders.
A 12VDC air conditioner will cool the boat down on a hot summer night and can be installed to operate from your battery bank. If you want to be prepared for those chilly nights in the Pacific Northwest, a diesel-fired heater is available, as well. Our decibel meter was on the fritz, but noise was never a concern while under way, even at top speeds. As fall approaches and a chill grips the waterway, simply hitch up your trailer or hire a trucking company to haul your boat anywhere in North America for your next adventure. But yet under power as noted in some threads from owners was that with a 15 hp they could power cruise around 12 to 15 knots. The real draw is the ruined city on the hill with its two amphitheatres and a dozen temples. We remained perfectly sheltered, though, and made the most of good snorkelling and a quiet beach. The engine, a 220hp Volvo D3 diesel, is easily accessible via the aft deck starboard hatch, with two options: the regular daily access hatch for fluid checks with two twist locks, and a larger hatch opening for oil changes and service.
Beneath the dinette, a deck hatch in the starboard hull opens to reveal some items requiring low-frequency maintenance, including batteries, battery charger, inverter and fuel filters. We probably zinged you when we reported there is only one engine in this catamaran and yet she still rides straight and true.
We took turns at the helm, and both of us had to admit that the cat handled better when we set a course and kept our hands off the wheel. To aid in docking the Aspen comes with Side-Power bow and stern thrusters as standard equipment, also located in the starboard hull. Our bias as slow trawler owners had us prepared for a jolting ride when her speeds increased, but not so, even when we got out into a good chop on top of some sizable swells.
We have pushed a 46-foot ketch down a fairway and into a tight slip using our dinghy with a 9.9hp Mercury outboard.
The batteries will recharge from the 150-amp alternator on the propulsion engine once you get back under way. Think of cruising the Chesapeake, or maybe winter in the Florida Keys and Bahamas before heading back to the West Coast in the spring. I know because my Wellcraft Nova III 27? that burns 13 gals and hour cruising at 25 knots and 28 gals at 70 mph, she weighs 6000 lbs. The port deck hatch compartment is empty (no engine!) and has the capacity to store almost anything. Then above the water line a 3MM Coremat with an ounce and a half of mat under and over is followed by alternating layers of mat and 18 oz.
The final fitting includes knitted biaxial material glassed over the inside of this joint everywhere accessible.
This adds up to less fatigue on the captain and crew, and a more enjoyable day in the ocean.
Our marina neighbor has his small outboard on a transom bracket that lowers to give him get-home ability on his single-engine, 36-foot, full-displacement trawler.
The fiberglass hull interior of the C100 is soundproofed with foam insulation, and the engine compartment is outside the rear cabin bulkhead, helping mitigate  engine noise. We ran at WOT (wide-open throttle) for a few minutes to steer hard over port and then starboard, and the boat rode steady. This seaworthy 32-foot catamaran is fit for any waterway, and her low profile is perfect for navigating under the bridges of the Great Loop.
If you can afford a 36' McGregor Catamaran that would be the best for sure, just because of length and size for cruising. These hulls are built from Nomex Honey cone materials with epoxy just like our most of our advance fighters such as the F-22s and some of the most efficient air craft of today jet liners.
This kind of attention to high quality craftsmanship is evident in the smooth and quiet ride. I'm not crazy about flying, even on a big plane, so this will be an interesting experience to say the least! From there, we'll catch a cab to Roadtown where our charter company's marina is located The Moorings. The goal of Aspen is to provide a higher ratio of glass to resin giving you a stronger more resilient boat.

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