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Best Day Yachts is now a authorized dealer of the Steiger Craft line of fishing and cruising boats. Steiger Craft Marine is a builder of high quality fiberglass boats ranging in size from 21 feet to 26 feet for Commercial Fisherman and the Recreational Sportfisherman. Founded in 1972, Alan Steiger has maintained continuous ownership and management of Steiger Craft, Inc.
His boats became popular with Offshore Commercial Fishermen along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, because of their meticulous engineering and build quality.
Steiger Craft continues to build Center Console, Cuddy Cabin and Pilot House Boats for the Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Harbor Patrol, Fire Departments. We're sorry, but the page you have requested has either been moved or is no longer available. I have a family of my own now and would like to restore one of these boats for us to vacation at the river on.
Post in JustJets even though you did not mention drive configuration and you'll get some good feedback. Here's my rebuild project pontoon house boat from the day I bought her to the way she looks now.
Bamby I didn"t upload everything, some pics were too dark and some were the same just from a different angle, so I picked the best ones. There ya go and darn I hate my alzheimers as I remembered you asking for my advice but couldn"t for the life of me what I said, but I"m glad it worked out.

Now once you get the paperwork, be sure to give him a negative feedback for the reasons you just specified (but wait until paperwork is in hand). The interior of your boat is very nice, I know this was an enourmous amount of work but well worth it when you get it on the water. Alan's adherence to a simple philosophy, build an easily-maintained and long-lasting quality boat, has proven time and again to be the reason fisherman all over the globe continue to purchase Steiger Craft Boats. They wanted a strong and stable platform for fishing and recreation with the ease of maintenance Steiger Craft Boats afford.
The emphasis has been on limited production to tightly control build quality and guarantee the highest possible standards.
All I can say to anyone contemplating on buying a boat of this type is be very cautious of what you are looking at. Ahh I"ve got is my little pointy head with rocks and muddy water swirling around, so thank goodness I can find my way around computers, networks, phone gear and such. Plus if you"re still just as patient, you could find the prop, controls and jack plate cheaper on ebay  but it might require a couple months wait . Its then a matter of public record and if they have any decent computer savvy its easy to verify.
It was difficult or should I say imposable to manage things on board and keep it orderly also. Other ebay sellers worth their salt will read the negatives closely and come to their own conclusions.

The paneling was bad near floor and when we went to repair that is when we found everything else. Have you really heard anybody concerned about something not working for your application at a action? Putting them in is not the problem its when you grab the wrong one and want to delete could be easier. In looking at the controls for it I"m already seeing where it will need to be modified to make them work. If you buy something at action your stuck with your own problem right? Had to involve police in two states force shipment of item. From the get go he has done anything and everything to make the purchase as miserable as he possibly can. Which in itself I find amazing without a flash or anything would not believe this good of quality.
Its something we were going to do anyway but we thought we could use it a few years before we did it.

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