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Photo courtesy of Betsy Spiker In this difficult market for high-end homes, at least one seller found a buyer without looking. It's actually not a McMansion but a gorgeous estate with tremendous attention paid to detail and finishings and wonderful space and amenities for family and friends. The DCL market should send a personal thank you note to Dick's for issuing the stock options, otherwise it doesn't seem that much is going well in that market. Jamie Smith Hopkins, a Baltimore Sun reporter since 1999, writes about the regional economy.
She trained to become a wonk by spending large chunks of time as a geek and an insufferable know-it-all.
Dream Home takes readers into the houses of area residents who have found their ideal home. The home and garden newsletter includes design tips and trends, gardening coverage, ideas for DIY projects and more.

A Deep Creek Lake house that changed hands last Friday for $3.5 million -- a record in the Western Maryland vacation spot, according to the buyers' agent -- wasn't actually on the market. This is what is wrong with our country that for a vacation home in a beautiful setting we have to have a house that has 13 thousand feet !! The buyers looked at homes people wanted to sell but didn't fall in love with any of them, so agent Betsy Spiker with Long & Foster Real Estate thought she'd call the builder whose family lived in the stucco home pictured above to see if he'd be willing to part with it. The area saw 14 sales for $1 million or more in the last 12 months, compared with about 25 in 12-month stretches before the slump, Spiker said. If it's the place I'm thinking it is, it is most definitely not a wart on the land, and I don't think anyone who's actually seen it would argue with me. Hopkins is a Columbia native and has lived in Maryland all her life, save for 10 months spent covering schools in Ames, Iowa.
The house as it stands now is four bedrooms with three full bathrooms and two half bathrooms on the main and upper levels.

But the contract includes a deal for the builder to finish the huge, 3,100-square-foot basement, adding a bedroom and a variety of elements from a sauna to an elevator.
All told, the house, its porches and garages add up to about 14,000 square feet of covered space, Spiker said.
If you've got a tale of a local home purchase under $250,000 that you think is a screaming good deal, I'd be happy to share that story, too.

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