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You might recall that my Formula 40 catamaran hull lines held the world record for fastest rowing across the Atlantic last year.
Curved openings are much stronger.  Upwind I would cover openings with Eisenglass or thin acrylic like man-powered craft record holders do.
I assume beam should be completely rigid, like in bicycle racing where flexing frame is seen to absorb power.
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The SKWOOSHa„? Rowing Cushion delivers pressure relief right where you need it the most - right under your a€?sitza€? bones. Royalty free design element clip art illustration of a varied collection of blue hiking, hunting, climbing, rowing, and computer web design icons on a white background. There is no best, but there might be a mostly best for your conditions and your rowing skill. OK- no restrictions on building space, budget or anything else- what would be your choice and why? I'm hoping that some others will remark on good designs but perhaps they, like myself, need more information. In Scandinavia most people consider our traditional double enders to be the best rowing boat. I am even worse at making myself understood Especially in English) but I tried to explain that all those parameters depend on the water where the boat is to be used and on the amount of load it is to carry.
My take is that a long and slender Whitehall, lightly built, gives a boat that's easily driven, can carry some weight and will handle a wave or two. Draft is only 12” so change in depth over the trip should not change much, keeping waterline long.

SKWOOSHa„? cushions combine medically proven pressure-relieving technology with ergonomic design so you get more effective results faster, easier and in comfort. This is for Newcomers, Maintainers and Racers.  Also, if you are considering racing Saturday January 29th, talk to me about training over the holiday break. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built rowing boat. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. If your work involved rowing for several hours a day and you were to design the best possible craft- covering considerable distances, sometimes carrying a reasonably heavy load, sometimes in less than ideal water- chop, boat wakes, wind or whatever. You've mentioned some that you like but didn't say why- what makes the Gull a better rowboat than a pod?
Unlike American peapods ours have quite a bit of deadrise in the garboard strake which make them row easier and track better. Built to handle ocean waves and criscrossing waves of the kind one may encounter in nerrow fiords.
They are rather heavily built and have low freeboard to minimize windage compensating that with flared bows and sides. Short keel with plenty of rocker and raking stem and sternpost which form a smooth curve with the keel.
I have heard about the dories of the US east coast and some very good Scottish boats not to mention the famous Aran Curraghs from Ireland. It does seem that there may be no ideal rowing craft- or many depending on how you look at it.
High ends appear to be better in the big waves of the open North Sea while flare appears to be better in the chop of the northern corner of the Baltic Sea.

The SKWOOSHa„? fits all WaterRower rowing machines and provides function while maintaining a low-profile and clean look. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. I'm looking forward to rowing- I've always enjoyed putting my back into such physical activities.
There are thousands of different varieties built for different sea conditions and landings conditions. Ita€™s so compact that it stores anywhere and takes up very little space in a gym bag or locker. Is there a particular beam that offers the best compromise offering stability and minimal wetted area. Try the lightweight SKWOOSHa„? Rowing Cushion for your next workout and enjoy the benefits of exercise and comfort at the same time. Would it still be faster than a double ender if it had a load putting the stern in the water?
I don't know that fastest would necessarily be best- something pleasant to row is the number one priority. Would a heavier boat that glides through the water be better over several hours than something ultralight that carries little momentum?

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