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This is a redesign of the Smoky Mountain Jet Boats original 12 seater design to include the key features found in our bigger tour jet designs and more.
Despite your assertion that RIBs do not fit with the yacht image, they are very practical, the inflated portion gives a huge reserve of bouyancy, acts to a certain extent as a fender and the rigid portion of the hull planes nicely. Jet Ski engines are notoriously temperamental and as a general rule smaller ones do not reverse, a reversing bucket would be required.
Is you colleague listed on the site any relation to the famous Renato Sonny Levi by any chance?

One of the problems that I see wrong with this design,however, is that the waverunner actually sits on top of one of the sides (inside the boat). It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jet boats can also be difficult to manoeuver and when beaching or running in shallow sea suck sand and gravel into the jet; an outboard or outdrive can be tilted upwards.
With your 2 craft joined together I cannot see how you will prevent the 2 outside pods folding in or flexing when riding waves, nor do they look as though they are designed to plane.

I can't see it working very well as a work boat for washing down the hull or for diving from.

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