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Skeeter Bass and bay fishing boats from 15 to 23 feet Water Skeeter Chetco Pontoon Boat at Sierra Trading Post. Read product reviews, find discounts, free shipping and special offers on Water Skeeter Chetco Pontoon Boat.
Find Kayak reviews at Buzzillions including 6 reviews of Water Skeeter Chetco Pontoon Boat. Find Kayak reviews at Buzzillions including 3 reviews of Water Skeeter Pontoon Boat - Snohomish. In fact when it comes to their power, absolutely perfect Yamaha outboards settles for nothing but the best. Over 63 years ago Skeeter Company invented the first bass boat and now they offer multipleamazing boats for different angler's needs. The ZX190 is a tournament ready boat with a very special engine on the transom, but more on that later. Your wife will love the optional second console on the ZX190 but the helm is the true standout on this boat.
It's a boat that performs just as well on the way to the fishing spot as it does when you're there.

Bass boats are mini performance boats and the 190 has a hot foot throttle, steering wheel trim, and a full gauge array to keep an eye on the systems while you're blasting down the lake. The live well switches may seem awkwardly placed but it's a great use of space by Skeeter ZX boat. Now, Skeeter is a Yamaha and this ZX 190 is powered by Yamaha's brand new 150 horsepower VMAX Super High Output.
When you take away the oil tank that the old VMAX two stroke needed the new SHO that replaces it is actually lighter. They borrowed from 2- strokes and used variable camshaft timing to get the optimal performance out of this four stroke engine. Top speed was 59.1 miles per hour at 6000 rpm and it would cruise all day long at 34 miles per hour at 3500 rpm. In this portable Water Skeeter Double Take inflatable pontoon boat built for two, you and a friend can rule wilderness waters together. Steve Chaconas This after market installation makes for a perfect DIY project saving money and time! This boat shows the optional dual console, but the main focus on the ZX line is form and function.

When spendable recreational dollars are growing tighter, you want the most value for your Investment. Read All Reviews for Water Skeeter Chetco Pontoon Boat Water Skeeter Chetco Pontoon Boat at PriceGrabber. Steve Chaconas talks about the benefits of Prop Dynamics new trolling motor lift, the Equalizer.
It may not look like much but you can fit more than a day's fishing gear including tackle, multiple rods and life vests in the bow storage safe lockers.
The company supports their popular product with professional on-line and telephone customer service along with detailed instructions and all of the components ready for a Do-It-Yourself installation.Each Power Pole comes door to door via FedEx along with a specific mounting bracket for many boat manufacturers.
The brackets are designed to either transom mount or bolt behind the engine mount or jackplate.In the case of Skeeter boats ita€™s quite simple. You can use the existing bolts on the jackplate, but Power Pole sells longer bolts.These mount in a matter of minutesa€¦like five for both sides!

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