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This image is featured as part of the article Yacht VERTIGO’s Christian Liaigre Interior Design Process. The hull of the 11 metre wide Migaloo is identical to current submarines.Only the tower is custom designed, which means it is longer and wider to host a light flooded main room followed by a wide staircase including a centered , round elevator shaft.
When Migaloo is submerged, all furniture is put away in large storage areas underneath the granite decking while the pool's bottom raises up to the main deck level.The foredeck is fully dedicated to the owners' privacy, hosting a full-beam private lounge. A spacious sun lounge on top of the tower completes the common amenities onboard a super yacht. The owner has his or hers private-full-beam-quarters over two decks on sub-deck one and sub-deck two. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The main goal of jSDN is allowing the designer to fast prototype any kind of sailing yacht, including elements like hull, spars, sails and appendages.
Like being able to witness the worlds fastest yacht wasn’t good enough they actually got one of the best designers to do up the interiors. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. More lounge areas, a private bar and access to the two-level-owners' suite are directly underneath the foredeck.
The lounges are accessible via two wide stairways from the main deck or from all interior deck levels via the lift.

Other luxury appointments include a cinema room, a library, a gym and a gaming room.Four wide side hatches two on each side, can be transformed into enormous beach terraces.
It is based on SDN, but it has been redesigned with many new functionalities and much more accurate calculations, which are being validated with real designs.
Although it is not limited to sailing vessels, both the working procedure and tools are targeted and optimised for those. Weyves Couture has surely done its best by having this collaboration of a lifetime and the results are for all to see and still find it difficult to believe. A telescopically extendible roof provides shade and follows perfectly the contour lines of the hull when closed.
A spacious dining area next to the saloon on sub-deck one and the adjoining beach terrace give luxurious access to the water.
I am talking about a legend from the maritime community which is reborn through the vision and tremendous creativity of internationally acclaimed fashion and perfume designer, Thierry Mugler.
Cant blame them, marriage of this American nautical glory with one of the world’s most acclaimed designers, Thierry Mugler will require more than just seeing and believing. Lounges and a Jacuzzi enhance this area while a comfortable ladder connects the beach club with the main deck above for easy access to the water on these two decks.
Gentry Eagle is one sought after yacht with such creative and renowned people lending their creative visions to add to its beauty. He has always done things in an extravagant fashion and his work is truly exceptional and widespread too.

They are aid to offer extra ordinary space for the owner and his guests, which are accommodated in eight VIP-suites on sub-decks two and three. It has also been immortalised in the pages of history with racing legend Tom Gentry setting nearly every powerboat speed record. He has made his mark as a noted couturier, a perfume creator, a photographer, and video artist and who can forget Angel, his perfume, one of the best sellers worldwide. All tenders and toys can be stored in the beach club or on the deck below, so the transport of a wide range of additional vehicles is possible.
Sub-deck four is entirely reserved for the crew quarters including crew mess, laundry and crew gym while the main galley is positioned on sub deck two underneath the dining room.
In his victory, Tom, along with Norman Gentry, took the Blue Ribbon away from the British airline and music tycoon Richard Branson of Virgin.The vessel has an impressive 11,500 horsepower and a top speed of 73 mph. The hull and tower are equipped with large windows of special pressure-proof glass to offer a breathtaking view especially when Migaloo is submerged.
She measures 112′ in length and is fitted with twin 3,480 horsepower MTU turbo diesels coupled with a 4,500 horsepower turbine combined to propel her to over 63 knots (70+ mph). All windows are surrounded with underwater lights to provide stunning views when the yacht goes deeper.

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