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Mir gefallt das Bild mit den zwei Blaumeisen!!Kann man das als Vorlage bekommen?Wurde mich sehr daruber freuen wenn ich die von Ihnen bekommen konnte.Ihre Bilder gefallen mir sehr! For Christmas in 1996, I received The World Record Paper Airplane Book written by the world record holder of the longest indoor paper airplane flight, Ken Blackburn. From there I just took off and made up many airplane designs, learning that I could tweak them so that anything I came up with would fly straight and smoothly.

When I designed this airplane I was folding a lot of origami which requires square sheets of paper.
Every time I went to the dentist, I selected a simple styrofoam airplane from the treasure chest. This book explained why paper airplanes fly and crash, and what makes a good airplane design.

I thought to myself, "How hard could that be?" and designed my first plane, the High Glider.

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