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The UK Cherub Class is building on a successful 2012 season that saw new members, new boats and a 25% increase in event entries. With such interest and variation the fleet has elected to show two very different boats at the Dinghy Show to highlight the way the class encourages experimentation, allows for different build methods and is leading the way with new ideas.
Last year the Cherub Class welcomed Clive Everest, the influential designer of the RS600, RS300, numerous International Moths, International 14's, foilers, cats and more. More established Cherub designer Kevin Ellway has improved on the Ellway6 design on display in the 2012 show with the Ellway7. Composite Craft have an excellent reputation building International 14s and National 12s and are keen to get involved in the class and as well as being able to supply professional quality boats they are hoping offer an Ellway7 kit that can be finished at home. Graham Bridle, Class President and current national champion with son Eddie comments that: "All this demonstrates the strength and depth of innovation and enthusiasm within the class. The shop got too crowded with 2 boats in process, so the SCAMP got archived for now,  and the mobile platform re-purposed for the PT11 build. I checked out the new Sage 17 sailboat from Sage Marine on Saturday at Fern Ridge Lake near Eugene, OR. We’re cruising the Canadian Gulf Islands, headed for Bedwell Harbor on Pender Island.
1) Sailboat for open water, but must row well for the calm days (no outboard, heaven forbid). 2) Mostly for single-handed coastal cruising, so able to carry a bit of gear, and an occasional crew.
Ian Proctor's Wanderer seems ideal, and apparently plans are available, but I wonder if it's gonna be too complicated for a first timer?

Go to the USER CP link in the upper left and update your location, that will save a lot of typing later. However, another design of IP's is specifically designed as a quick and simple build, the SigneT dinghy.
Due to the big tidal range it will need to take the ground well, other than that I can't speak to the conditions.
Alaska's a beauty, but I wonder if too heavy to manhandle on & off trailers etc, and not as simple to construct as the others?
The cover story by Geoff Kerr will describe for you the most perfect sail & oar type boats available to mortal man. The Micro Folding Dinghy is based on one of Matt Layden's early folding dinghies; however it incorporates some of Matt's ideas as well as a few of our own to create a cheap and sturdy boat.
These plans include all the forms and plywood parts drawn at full size needed to build the boat. At the 2012 nationals sailing with his 11 year old son in a boat nearly as old he finished 2nd.
It is built by old Moth adversary Roger Angell from a kit of flat carbon foam panels, precisely cut by water jet and assembled over a male plug. Commissioned by Paul Jenkins and introducing a new builder into the Cherub Class, Composite Craft this boat is built using a more conventional female mould from carbon and 8mm Nomex, it sports more conventional racks and a more unusual deck layout including a half foredeck.
A home build E6 design with bespoke deck is under construction based on a male plug using the E6 hydrodynamic design by Kevin Ellway with an adapted top side to work with a sarcophagus build method. We're looking forward to displaying these two very different Cherubs at the cutting edge of design and construction at the Dinghy Show.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I think it would be an easy and straightforward to build first boat, and it fits your requirements. Plenty of space to build, in a friend's barn, and I'll be looking for a trailer to transport. There's this thread on a Raid I entered last summer if you want to read about what it can do. The Micro Folding Dinghy is best suited to smaller people or for children, but it can be enlarged to fit larger folks by increasing the beam and the freeboard by around 2 inches. In workshops around the country exciting new developments have been unfolding: very different Cherubs have been built by different builders to different designs using different methods. Now Clive has designed the radical looking Everest 1 with its solid wings a departure from the racks seen in most recent designs. This build process makes for simpler and cheaper construction and opens the door for potential home builds in the future. So alongside the professional build, the DIY option is alive, kicking and constantly evolving.

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