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Now i'm considering building something bigger, I understand the costs and difficulty would go up exponentially with size.
Location: West Coast, USA I think small block chevy and ford engines are pretty popular converted as marine engines. Automotive engines are definately an option, but they require more work to be a reliable and practical option. Location: Singapore Boat building here in singapore is virtually non-existant due to the lack of space. Well the idea was to build a tacking proa which would sail closer to the wind when the outrigger is to windward and further from the wind when the outrigger is leeward.
Anyway, the idea is to start planning for the next project which probably wont start till a few years time. If you are serious about building a 40-50 footer I think you need to rapidly get an attitude of being very serious about doing everything right, not rushing, and getting professional help, at least with the design, if not the construction phase as well.
Location: Singapore Indeed, impatience and excessive optimism nearly caused the downfall of that boat way too many times.
My reasoning is that since I would simply be emulating a tried and tested design, it would be okay for me to design it myself (with much effort of course). I understand this is ridiculously low by normal standards but steel is cheap, and the labour in the region is even cheaper. I read frosh's post with interest, my project seems pretty similiar to his tacking proa, just a lot lousier. Location: Coastal Georgia As far as a marine engine, think used or overhauled. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Inspired by playing with model kits as a child, Michael Johansson decided to transform the real boat into a model of itself.
The boat and related equipment were first welded into a metal frame and then painted white to resemble the surface of a plastic model kit.
The string on the second photo being used to hold the boat in place looks minute and I don’t buy the perspective on the last photo. To clear up all of the confusion, I did not intend my comment to have been interpreted this way.
TROLL - An array language for continuous simulation, econometric modeling or statistical analysis. But seriously, this is interesting but not something I would have ever thought of to use a battery powered drill for.
I tried using a cordless drill on both a bike and as a steering servo retrofit to a kid’s electric ride on car. The downside being, that because they are so cheap they’re not designed to be run continuously. So you have to replace the whole drill a few hours in use after you permanently welded it to the shaft. Rather than welding it in place, you could have drilled across the shaft and through the side of the chuck to accept a pin. I once calculated how much it would take to power a proper outboard electric motor, and it was a bit too cumbersome.
That means for every 3 by 3 feet solar panel, you can only collect about one hour (200Wh) of driving each day. You simply can’t take a small boat, possibly a canoe, and put a rack of 8 sq-m of paneling on it, with pivots to aim it properly. Heck, by that point the solar panels are more effective as a sail than generating electricity.
So what you are saying is it makes a lot more sense to use wind power instead of solar on a boat?

Aaron, do you happen to have any photos or more details on your setup using the sewing machine setup?
That’s because half of the day is actually night, and on the other half the panels are aimed somewhere else than the sun, except for couple hours in the middle, and then it might be cloudy. It needs something like a plastic cup on the front side of the prop, fitted around the drill chuck, to streamline the prop hub a bit.
Alternate option, a flat disk placed over the hollow front of the prop hub would reduce the drag. Very clever idea, but I wonder how long the drill would be able to stand up to the abuse that it would receive, plus the high duty-cycle (e.g.
How about just using a cheapo 12V bilge pump (sparkfun sell one) which is putpose designed for shifting water. The whole point of a trolling motor is to move a boat slowly and quietly, as to not disturb the fish you are trying to catch.
Sir or madam, I don’t know what kind of fishing one does with such a small motor-engine.
The motor will get hot, but that could be fixed with a few extra vent holes and a fan for a little additional airflow.
The bearings in the motor, which usually are slide bearings instead of ball bearings, and the brushes are probably the parts that will wear out first.
Drills are cheap to come by second-hand, because the battery is usually the first part to fail. Just make sure the whole thing stays dry and clean, as water and dirt will destroy it very quickly.
I guess the point isn’t to design the best, most efficient, and reliable drivetrain you can, but to use the parts you have available to build something reasonable.
SparkyGSX – Drills are cheap to come by second-hand, because the battery is usually the first part to fail. A cheap electric drill (manufactured in a 3rd world country with no regard for worker safety, proper disposal of chemicals, or factory emission controls), a tiny rechargeable battery pack (that is not only inefficient, but full of toxic chemicals,) then you are a non-hypocrite. Presented away Dr Even my near recent trimarans which are often ameliorate than my other boats hush compulsory about 15 minutes to. It started well with the hull designed in 3d max then exact dimensions copied onto the plywood. On the way back, a monsoon storm started and the boom rose to a 45 degree angle due to the lack of a kicker and half the outrigger broke off. By avoiding the large costs by designing it myself, not using a marine engine and hiring cheap labour in the region, would a budget of 15k USD be sufficient?
Sure it wont be the best looking boat, but with some resourcefulness and effort, is it feasible? Finally got a proper outrigger built, the fun of flying the outrigger sure makes all the disadvantages worth it. From the reading I have done, James Wharram has done some investigation of boat building yards around SE Asia. While yes it is fun to look at and I am sure it took effort and whatnot to come up with and create. The project is probably inspired by [Berto]’s collapsible amphibious e-scooter that used the same electric drill propulsion setup. That would have allowed for some motion of the shaft but still kept them rotating together and been removable.
You need eight panels to recharge the entire battery in a day, but that would be impossible to carry along in your boat. For example, the photovoltaics in Germany, installed under government subsidies, are only producing around 7% of their nominal on average. The panels were mounted too low to the ground to mow under them (should have put down weed barrier and gravel), the weeds were growing high and shading the panels and they were mounted at a fixed angle instead of on sun tracking mounts.

The original engine was dead on the outboard so I ripped it out to test if the drill could give enough power to move the boat.
In fact, given that Hackaday has posted hacks based on themes before, I think a series of rechargeable drill motor hacks would be awesome. After after an hour or two of accumulated use the intermittent-duty motor and gear train self-destruct and the whole enchilada ends up in the trash. If the current is regulated, it will take some extra voltage for higher speed without wearing out to quickly. The stock batteries are far to small for this purpose anyway, and there is no requirement to use a compact, original battery when using the drill in this way. I'm thinking of building it in a country with cheap labour such as Indonesia or something in the South East Asia region, (I live in Singapore).
Then it just got more and more makeshift until the replacement outrigger was 2 pieces of foam and some bamboo poles tied together.
Luckily we managed to get within 50 metres of the shore before the boat capsized due to the boom getting stuck half way thru a gybe. The reason for wanting such a big boat is to provide enough space to live aboard comfortably for long periods. Anyway, I hope to be of some inspiration to the many posts I see about building their first boat or something. If it’s fixed to the midday sun, your daily coefficient of power is approximately 10%. It’s just the arbitrary and superfluous use of the cursed G-word that raises my hackles. Grinding flat for the chucks to grab on might help them not to loos their grip in prolong operation. No subject how long you rinse the internet you will not a dictation of boat plans that translates into abundant.
It was a really fun and fulfilling experience, I sailed it with IKEA shower curtains as sails .
Needless to say all this could have been avoided with some patience, looking forward to going back to finish up this project.
There is no way to make them stop from wobbling themself loose no matter how tight you attach them. Either way you have something that can be made out of goods available anywhere (cloth, wood) and will never run out of power. Assuming a reversible drill, and a right angle adapter designed to be used with reversible drills the chucks are are appropriate for such use.
Frank Smoot and Trimaran boat building Ian Farrier F ixl design in epoxy composite One of the good reasons to ut it yourself is when you love you will mai. The idea was to build something which could go faster then the many lasers which sail near my house for alot cheaper. Well of course its a multihull and thus cheating but hey, i'm using a shower curtain as a sail. On the plus side, you can afford to permanently devote a cordless drill to these types of purposes cause they are so cheap. On everything through arsenic software that you modify your intention that you are only in control of what you're doing Small Row Boat Plans-5. So there you have it if you want to free boat plans facial expression really aren't going to get destitute sauce holder plans. Here is a great report from wienerwurst Smoot about his newly twenty-four foot trimaran diy trimaran.

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