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This is my floating duck palace that I made for my ducks to keep them safe from predators and a place for them to lay eggs.
Bottom is made of treated wood and the sides and top is cedar so it won't rot and keep it light weight. ETA: Not sure how much time it took to make it but you have a product that people would buy.
NPIP Certified -115 Chickens, 19 Geese, 19 BR Turkeys, 7 Rabbits, 120 Muscovy Ducks , 9 Guineas, 9 Peafowl, 8 sheep, 1 Goat and currently have 100 broilers to be processed March 2014.

That's beautiful!  Would love to see a picture of it at night with the light on.  I'm green with envy. I have it on a pulley system attached to the dock so I can pull it in and get the eggs out each day.
Kind of nice cause the eggs are super clean and not muddy since they come right out of the water and lay the eggs. But I don't have a big pond for the, so "my" duck houses are on land and the chickens have taken them over as Alternate Egg-laying Sites.

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