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The International DN Ice Yacht Association's year-book allocates a prominent place for list of all past continental and world championship regattas. Unlike "soft water" sailing events where the body of water at the regatta site is usually a known quantity and the wind is the only major variable, the number of elements that have to align correctly in order to hold an iceboat regatta is stupefying. The DN class-association divides North America into three regions: east, central, and west. On Wednesday night (three days before the start of the regatta!) a storm moved across the north-east, dumping snow in a wide swath. After I caught my breath, my first action was to send an e-mail to all the local DN sailors with the subject line, "Holy c--p!
All of a sudden I had to switch from laid back club-sailing mode to full-out major regatta action. The first hint that things might not go perfectly to plan was Friday when the large stern-steerers canceled their regatta, planned for the same section of the Lake Winnebago, after one boat euphemistically "found a hole" (translation: "crashed").
Saturday dawned with the weather stations near the regatta site reporting light wind or calm. The next indication that this wasn't going to be the perfect regatta came when we heard that the class association's Vice Commodore, John Harper, had also "found a hole" that day and ripped the plank off his boat. At the preliminary skippers meeting Saturday evening after registration, the RC announced that because no one had been able sail much due to the rain, and because of concerns brought up by Mr. Without the pressure to get up early or work on gear in the evening, I was able to enjoy dinner with some more friends, update my blog afterwards, and even relax with some TV in the hotel. At the 9:30am skippers meeting the RC announces that two teams are going out to scout the ice at locations on the north and south ends of the lake (Lake Winnebago is about 25 miles long north-south, so the conditions can be dramatically different at the two ends).
Colder temperatures were forecast overnight, so the RC decided to check again in the morning and get started as soon as possible.

The "annual argument" (aka: "meeting") was entertaining as usual, and we went out for another "dinner that couldn't be beat". After sailing in, derigging, and covering the boats, most of us headed to "The Pickle Factory", a bar and grill right on the water at the landing in Pepin.
Ron, Matt, and JD battled it out all day, but Ron was sailing better and finished ahead enough to join the Silver Fleet sailors watching the last race.
A number of people packed up and headed home Wednesday evening (I did), but many people stayed to continue sailing for the rest of the week. Strangely enough, as I write this, a few weeks after the NAs, I'm again waiting to find out if or when another regatta will happen.
IceboatingWith speeds hitting 50-100+ mph and your body suspended mere inches over the ice, iceboating is the fastest winter sport and one of the most intense sailing experiences there is. Link to larger imageMainsheetThe tapered mainsheet runs from a ratchet and two 75 mm Carbos to a 4:1 purchase. If you would like to inclination an chicken feed gravy holder or constituent on this plans boat page For sale sevener 8th’s scurf DN built in 1973 with pilot drawings and bills.
Developed by Wally residence an chicken feed boating partisan inward Colorado this boat design places the sailor in a. 6 pages 4 plate s gin mill Plans and expression details dn ice boat plans for racers who deficiency to build their own ice craft.
15 pages four plate s Pub BUILD A dn ice boat design DN methamphetamine BOAT Build this speedy winter. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.

Harper's adventure, the morning skippers meeting would be at the hotel (not on the ice, as usual) at 9:30. Speed generates more speed in iceboats—while "soft water" yachts eventually succumb to hull drag, nearly frictionless iceboats can use apparent wind to reach speeds 2 to 4 times the true wind.The DN IceboatThe DN, the smallest iceboat at 12 feet but the largest class, was first crafted by enthusiasts in the Detroit News' wood shop after it won the paper's 1936 design contest. IDNIYRA sort Plans Scale plans for the DN touchstone sheet fiberglass boat plans size is eleven x seventeen scanned atomic number 85 300dpi. I’ve already got one that I purchased a couple of years ago, but that’s only have the fun!
Most of the 2000 members of the class build their own DN's, lending the boats to significant experimentation within the rules. Pulling the cars forward pushes the boom into the mast, rotating the spar for a deeper pocket. In tricycle style organisation and a steeply raked mast remains to this day the nigh popular ice boat contrive Hoosier State use. Numerous plans and building instructions for a big diversity of ice boats both business leader and DN methamphetamine Boating by trio Rose 1 028 views two 08. We advocate that the novice purchase an inexpensive DN sort ice sauceboat watch beingness small light and relatively inexpensive the one purpose DN has 2 days ago 1936 DN icebo.

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