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STOLTZ Super Rollers are made of polyurethane, to replace rubber and PVC rollers that need frequent replacement. It is not unusual for other companies to try and capitalize on someone else’s success. I bought this 1972 O'day Mariner 2+2 Sailboat centerboard model last fall at Lake Lanier GA with the intention of fixing her up. You will not be able to log in or access pages that require secure connections, such as members-only areas, event registrations, payments, etc.

Adding a couple of our keel rollers to a bunk trailer that has none, will greatly reduce the effort to launch and retrieve your boat.
What you are doing is shifting some of the weight from the carpeted bunk to the roller, thereby reducing the friction between boat and trailer. You won’t get water in the wheel bearings, and will keep the tow vehicle off of the slippery portion of the ramp. They also provides better support for the keel and transom, which many boat manufacturers recommend.

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