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These are some of the many testimonials to the quality and craftsmanship of Don Hill McKenzie Drift Boats we have recieved but the most important one you will hear will be your own when you own one.
Don, Having built my 16' from plans nearly 10 years back I feel the need to continue thanking you for the wonderfully drafted and easy to follow plans. Fortunately we are moving tomorrow to a new home on the banks of one Michigan's steelhead and salmon rivers. Here are a couple of photos of a 16' Standard that I just completed, built from your plans.
The plans are very complete making construction easy, and the video takes out any guesswork.
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Check out the next wood boat you see on the river, chances are it will be a Don Hill boat and ask the owner for his opinion.

Not only have I been enjoying fishing from this boat, I have become addicted to rowing and navigating the rivers we fish. I have recently purchased plans for your 17' Flyfisherman and hope to begin construction in the near future. It was fairly easy to build since the plans are very complete making construction easy, and the video takes out any guesswork.
I have taken it down the Deschutes from Trout Creek to Maupin (class IV water), the Middle Fork of the Willamette (class III - IV water) and the Mckenzie (it's in class III Marten Rapids in the picture). As you can see it turned out pretty nice and it was allot of fun to build with my wife and friends. He has been boating for over 50 years, has used drift boats for over 20 years and has fished everywhere in the world.
My Son, grandsons, family and I have had a great time building this - again I REALLY appreciate all your help and time emailing me back.

He has been boating for over 60 years and his favorite river is the Rogue River because he can fish steelhead there all year. The plans are easy to read, it explains all the cuts, how to build the jigs needed, and shows you all aspects of the layouts. We have had it on the river 4 times now and have gotten several positive comments from other guides and owners. I get so much satisfaction, floating in a boat that I built, fishing with flies that I tied, and catching fish in areas previously unreachable.

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