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VERSION B: Pilothouse with trunk cabin forward adaptable to HUNKY DORY, BIG HUNK, CHUNKY DORY or V-DORY*.
Although specifically for Glen-L dories, it is probable, with minor variations, that these CABIN PLANS could be used to build a cabin on similar craft. 5 different cabin plans all in one package for the Big Hunk, Hunky Dory, Little Hunk, V-Dory or Chunky Dory. Many owners compare their C-Dory to a trusted old Volkswagen or Jeep because of its go-anywhere qualities and simple maintenance.
The 22a€™ Cruiser provides a spacious 4a€™6a€? aft cockpit, with plenty of elbowroom for two or three fishing buddies.
The dinette is located along the port side of the cabin, it has lots of storage under its seats, and it makes into a 6a€™2a€? berth. The interior trim is neat and utilitarian, with emphasis on easy maintenance and durability.
Forward section of cabin features a 6a€™3a€? a€?Va€? berth that is separated from the main cabin by a privacy curtain and includes two reading lights, portable toilet, and Bomar 22a€™ aluminum frame hatch with tinted lens. Fiberglass hull, decks, cabinetry and pilothouse are laid with the use of balsa core composite construction. Diamond Sea Glaze windows with aluminum frames that are powder coated to match the color of the boat.
The top decka€™s non-skid is molded in diamond pattern and the cockpit sole is coated in a gelcoat and sand finish that is renewable.
This web site uses cookies and by continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies. The County Commissioners are dedicated to creating and maintaining the best rural county in Colorado. The zoning regulations and most ordinances flow from three principles, the first being nonimpingement of adjacent uses, supported by preservation of the mountain environment and encouragement of economic stability.

The key concept is that different land uses, be they residential, commercial or forestry, may be adjacent, but uses must not impinge on their neighbors. Five contiguous, build-able lots in the Dory Lakes subdivision, seven miles from Blackhawk. This area has all the amenities, low taxes, Qwest DSL, cable internet and tv, Natural Gas service.
There are great community areas for Dory Lakes members, including well stocked fishing lakes, baseball field, basketball court, covered picnic area for gatherings. 1040 square foot cabin, septic, well, views, deck, outside storage shed, fishing in private lakes. All other things being equal, the handful of aluminum dory owners seem to work and deal with the no slide. Furthermore, on a low tide landing, it's often best to skid the boat up the beach with a towline before attempting to load onto the trailer. Convert HUNKY DORY, LITTLE HUNK, BIG HUNK, CHUNKY DORY or V-DORY to a deluxe cruiser with a choice of five different cabin styles. Yet these boats are thoroughly modern, incorporating the best of proven materials and ample space for the latest electronics.
The high sides assure safety even in rough water and provide a feeling of security for the entire family.
It features a comfortable dinette, galley, sleeping area & pilota€™s station with excellent all-around visibility. Specifically, like the wood dories, what concoction does he use to treat and preserve his aluminum? Details on all versions are furnished in DORY CABIN PLANS; with dimensional layouts for cabin exterior, interior joinery, control console, plus structural details, lumber sizes, fastening schedule, and instructions.
The hulla€™s flatness toward the stern greatly reduces the rolling motions, making cruising in rough water much more pleasant.

Backs To Open Space, no covenants, Sleeping Bear Mountain view, dark skies nearby for amateur astronomers. In fact, I have standing offers to buy it, but I'll just pass it on to my sons because it sure is going to out last me!!!! Only minor modifications are required, so add a cabin while building, or retrofit one after hull completion. Pilothouse versions have 6' plus headroom, helm station, cabinets and space for stove and sink. Deep reverse chines channel the flow of water, holding it under the boat, increasing lift and decreasing wake and spray.
Fishermen will love the way the boat tracks at trolling speeds, allowing the focus to remain on the fishing. The forward section of the cabin features a 6a€™3a€? a€?Va€? berth, reading light, a large deck hatch, and a chemical toilet. And with only 7a€? of draft and a thick bottom she can easily be beached for beach combing adventures.
They also stiffen the hull and serve as spray knockers, making the boat pleasantly dry running. Although a full-size cabin cruiser, it is relatively light and well balanced for easy towing and invites the owner to explore distant waters.
The brow of the cabin roof reduces glare in the windows and adds to the boata€™s distinctive lines.

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