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In most typical shallow western streams, there are going to be reaches less than a foot deep that you need to get through in order to get to a deeper reach of the channel. A good jet boat can go through anything as long as it is at least 4 inches deep and not a sand bed channel.
Another nice thing about using a jet boat is that if it is light enough (less than a 40hp motor), you can launch it and reload it using a power winch. Location: Canada It is difficult to navigate in this site but it is worth the effort. The transverse sections show as curves in the body plan and as straight lines (the ordinate stations) in the other views.
The moulded surface is completely defined by the intersections of planes (1) and (2) All offsets appearing in the displacement table are the half-breadth measurements and these can be taken from the body plan alone after this has been properly faired. In practice it would be impossible to fair the lines from the intersections of the water planes and transverse sections alone. The process of fairing the lines consists in removing any local humps or hollows in the curves and making sure that the various intersections agree in position on all the three views. The character of this line may make or mar the whole appearance of a vessel, so that it is a matter of considerable importance for yachts and liner. The conventional laying-off of lines and the template preparation of plates are likely to be superseded by optical and electronic methods, at all events in the larger yards. More complicated methods enable plates to be flame-cut to size automatically and without scribing and hand guidance.
These notes were written from a warship point-of-view and the section numbering from forward to aft is standard except that the overwhelming practice on commercial ships is the opposite. The last two paragraphs of the notes have been retained mainly out of interest because they describe the changes that were underway in the late 50?s and early 60?s. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Tomorrow would have been Sylvia Plath’s 79th birthday, had she not committed suicide at age 30. Now for the first time, 44 pen and ink drawings by Plath will be on view at the Mayor Gallery in London, November 2 through December 16.
Plans, including Layout and Structure Drawings plus a complete Vessel Specification and Equipment List.
Our detailed NC cut files include all internal structure and plating for the hull, deck, and cabins. Before considering changes to any stock design, it is best to consult with the original designer of the boat. If our proposal is acceptable and you elect to engage our services, the design work can begin. You may be surprised to discover that creating a new yacht design costs less than you think.
All Web Site Graphics, Layout, and Written Content at this Domain Created by Michael Kasten. Buying a ready cut frame kit is very expensive, use our files with your chosen CNC workshop and have your frame kit cut for the fraction of the cost. Costs can be kept to an absolute minimum by taking your own choice of Basswood or Hardwood Ply to a Laser Cutting Shop or CNC Milling Shop, using the Files from John-Tom and just pay for the machining time if you do not own a CNC mini Mill or laser set up - Cut out the middle man and make the best saving and still end up with top quality frame sets for a fraction of the price charged by model boat companies and people selling Plank on Frame Frame Kit Kits for Model Boats and Ships. Please note that Frame Kit Plans contain Frame Drawings and Profile Vector Graphics that need AutoCAD or a free DWG Viewer to open.

The inclusion of the GCode files to enable you to produce professional quality Laser Cut or CNC Milled Frames for your Plank On Frame Model Boat Project without having to pay for CNC Mill programing time, thereby reducing the cost of you frame kit considerably.
The inclusion of the Adobe PDF files enables full sized templates to be reviewed and printed out to use a cutting templates if you wish to manually cut the parts with a Scroll saw or Jigsaw. All AutoCAD drawings in DXF and DWG format are compatible with all Laser cutting machines for those customers wishing to Laser Cut the Frame Kit. PDF format plan sets are included for those customers who are not familiar with AutoCAD and wish to use a band saw, scroll saw or skill saw to cut the frame sets.
The Frame Kit Plan set can also be printed out full size via CAD software or High Street Printers and used for Scroll Saw or a traditional Template Plan Set for cutting by hand if the die hard modelers wish to be more traditional.
To obtain a quote on any boat frames or things you want cut by CNC or Laser or converting to AutoCAD, please send me the files by email to save the shipping expense. Scan your plan set at a high street printers and send the files by email to avoid shipping costs. Please ensure that you have permission to have the plans used by a third party from the Copyright Holder of the Plan Set before sending.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Also known as "Styled-to-Fit" covers, Styled-to-Fit boat covers are our best selling, most popular category of covers and for good reason.
Braided sandy shallow channels like the Platte River will destroy a jet boat engine because of all the sand that will get sucked up into it. A single beam depth sounder is still, at its best, limited to collecting data in 1 foot or deeper water, but in a typical propeller boat, it’s difficult to obtain data shallower than 3-4 feet. The quotes are the book notes and the attached image is the figure referenced in the notes. The origin of this convention is probably a desire to show the starboard side in preference to the port in the outside profile. The sheer on ordinary commercial vessels is usually that given in the free-board tables (arts, 72~3), as otherwise penalties are incurred, The sheer on warships is normally extremely flat to facilitate the fitting of gun mountings, torpedo racers, etc, and to save weight. The sheer should first of all look right as a projection on a small profile and then additional amounts should be added at bow and stern.
The simplest method is to project an ordinary small-scale drawing direct on to the whitewashed surface of a plate that is placed in a darkened booth. In the Schichau-Monopol machine, the control of the burning head is obtained from an ?electronic eye? that scans a glass negative, prepared from a one-tenth scale drawing.
It really does not matter except that care should be taken to ensure which system is adopted on any drawings etc that you view.
Obviously the grids were prepared but the line endings are often critical depending on the type of vessel. Among her subjects: a kiosk near the Louvre, huts of Cambridge, views of the Spanish countryside, and Parisian streets, as well as a few items intimately linked to her literary work, like a pair of patent leather shoes entitled The Bell Jar that she loving described in her novel of the same name. Save hundreds of hours of time when making a Plank on Frame Boat or Ship Model by starting with Accurately machine cut frames. Copies of each AutoCAD file in Adobe PDF Format are included along with an A4 Tiled copy to enable printing of the full sized template on a Home A4 Printer. The PDF Files are also copied in A4 Tiled format to enable the large sheets to be printed on a home printer using A4 paper. There’s only one solution in a braided channel and we’ll get to that fun watercraft in another post.

A jet boat is ill advised on most reservoirs or large rivers (due to the wave action you may have to deal with) and some areas do not have the access needed, but for the rest, a jet boat is quite a nice tool to have for hydro survey. Not only have all the curves to be sweet and fair with the volume of displacement as required but the centre of buoyancy must be in the designed position. The centre line of a destroyer's upper deck is often parallel to the LWL so that the sheer at the stern is only the amount of the camber amidships. The camera must be high enough above the plate to ensure a full size enlargement without appreciable distortion.
In the British Oxygen-Ferranti process, the burning head receives instructions from a magnetic tape that has been produced by a computer. Much more important is that all the views are the same scale and both the profile and the waterlines run in the same direction. At first it was simply sets of offsets and manual definition of points to be followed by the burning head. In the attached image, all the waterlines, except the bulwark in the fore-body, simply continue in almost straight lines and stop at the centreline.
Having the shallow draft of a jet boat is very helpful in a cobble (or larger) bed channel like the upper Sacramento River (north of Colusa) or Salmon River (Idaho, see the picture below); situations in which you could very easily and quickly damage your propeller in a normal watercraft. It will be noted that there are two sets of intersecting planes of major importance: (1) the water planes and (2) the transverse sections. The correctness of this enlargement is checked from reference dimensions and spots on drawing and plate that must exactly correspond, The projected lines, etc., are then scribed on in the usual way. All drawing dimensions must be given as positions relative to the axes about which the machine works. It took another 10 years for easier coding and 10 years afterwards for 3D modelling to become the norm in the major yards. There are also two sets of planes of lesser importance: (3) the bowline and buttock planes and (4) the diagonal planes.
The third datum plane is the longitudinal vertical plane on the centre line of the ship from which the half breadths are taken.
The reason for specifying a small profile is that the ordinary lines plan is so long that the eye is unable to focus the whole length at once and has to move to take in both bow and stern. If there is a stem bar of some type then the moulded line must stop on the bar not the centreline. Outboard jets are a bit more useful than inboard jets because they are usually lighter and smaller and therefore can operate in a wider range of conditions. Except for the diagonals, these planes show as straight equidistant lines in two of the three views comprising a lines plan and as curves in the remaining view.
It is sometimes assumed that if the different form coefficients are all as designed and the form is fair the curve of areas must be satisfactory This is a fallacy. A small profile should be drawn so that the eye can judge and compare both ends at the same time. The horizontal water planes show as curves known as water lines in the half-breadth plan and as straight lines in the sheer and body plan. This is not apparent on small scale drawings and does not become clear until large scale details are made.

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