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I have owned a FOLBOT Super TSF for about eight years and believe it to be truly a dreamboat for duck hunters. One morning another hunting companion and myself sat on shore waiting for the ducks to come over our blind. By noon we had not had a single shot. 16 ft 7 in Duck boat with trailer wired with fof lights and 8 interior lights, on board batt charger, gun racks, push pole holder.
Let me clarifyone thing, This is a hand crafted wood boat with fiberglass and epoxy overlay. Is it more of a big water boat or could you put a mudmotor on it and get in the thick stuff? You could put a hyper drive on it, But the way its made in the well area you could not spin a long tail around, I dont think. Originally Posted By: TXDUCKHUNTERThanks bipedal for getting the rest of the picsI did them all the same way so don't know why they didn't show upBut thanks for fixing You can only post 10 pics per post. Has anyone used the plans to build the duck hunter, if so how good were they, how fast did you receive them and how is the boat?
The amount of time it would take a first time boatbuilder is probably in the neighborhood of 150-200 hours if you fiberglass and take your time to have a finished product. As opposed to me posting a ton more photos here, take a look at my site Toller Boatworks There are a lot of photos with different views as well as the interior and some of the mods that can be made. How will the boat do in flooded timber, I hunt everything (or try too at least) but flooded timber is what I hunt almost all year. The boat we use now works fine (16' War eagle) but with people, dog and gear man we are slow and loud.
Ive been looking into these boats for a while, and Ive taken the plunge and ordered the plans. Here are the pictures of my duck boat, you will have to excuse the paint job, I'll camo it out next summer.
Shallow water boats that demand superior field of vision for quick maneuverability and shallow water challenges.

Commercial boating use – corrosion tolerant, light weight aluminum, lamps are rugged, framed in light weight aluminum round the panes – they are really tough! Shortly before getting the FOLBOT, I hunted in a plywood boat and put a hole through it on a snag in a swift creek. There is nothing fines than gliding down a river or creek in the Spring, Summer or Fall to observe wildlife and the beauty of nature. When I got it back home I discovered 2 small holes near the bottom of the transom area, which I am assuming was for a transducer.
I didn't like the feel of putting the base plate directly on the bench seat - it was a little wobbly. Still have lots more work to do, but am happy with the progress, so thought I would share.I won't post all pics, since I took alot of them. It is 15'9" long, 6 foot at the widest point draws about four inches of water with no one in the boat.
It is also very stable, I can stand on the side out of the cockpit and it might roll about 3-4 inches, in other words you cannot intentionally flip it over. If you’re a waterfowl hunter, fisherman, gator hunter, explorer, or worldwide adventurer, this is, hands down the best bow light bar system for your hunting boat. There are more productive and more comfortable ways to hunt duck — go to the ducks and go in a FOLBOT. I have hit the same snag at least 25 times with the FOLBOT and never put a hole through it. The comfortable sitting position, the protection from wind plus the little exercise of paddling occasionally, makes FOLBOT tops. I used to own a 17-foot fiber glass outboard, but use my three lightweight specialized boats more in a month now, than I used the larger boat in a year.
I have been through rocky rapids that have turned over other boats over, but not the FOLBOT. Launch it right through the waves and hop in, It is amazing how the FOLBOT rides them like a cork.

I have the advantage of having less money invested than in a large boat, plus the extra benefit from versatile boats for more sport and FOLBOT recreation. Tips for the stenciling.I used an antenna (because it was handy) but a firm stick will work. I was curious though as to what you used to brush it in, whether you used natural vegetation or something synthetic? May not be the prettiest looking, but most importantly is the security of the seating.Here is how I mounted the middle seat. I used an engine and drive from a jet ski (approx 75hp), the steering linkage, muffler and what ever else I could use. The steering is a back and forth joystick with the throttle attached (takes about IO seconds to get use to). Working in small sections at a time to get the stencil as close to the surface as possible.Also, on the final pattern, the mfg. He likes to jump out of the boat when it is moving slow, so I tethered him to the floor and allow him enough slack to look over the edge, but not be able to jump out. I don't know how fast with just one person until I GPS it, but I would be willing to bet faster than 35mph.
Also you can see the push pole clamped in and the decoy retriever will be next.Finally, I bought a small cooler and of course could only find a white one - so my wife camo'd it. I've had four hunters, one dog and two bags of dekes and still managed a good plane at a decent speed. This way you are over-spraying within the pattern and not end up with weird spots of paint.

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