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Don't know much about boat construction but would be interested to know what kind of job I'm looking at here and what type of wood to use. Many thanks, Colin This really isn't a helpful response, but reading your post I had to write this. Attached are some pictures of a 16' fiberglass Yorkshire cobble boat.You can't see the keels but by Colin's description there are three 2x4's on the outside, three more on the inside and throughbolts clamping the inside and outside keels together. The centre keel runs from the bottom of the stem to about three quarters of the way along the boat. Location: Coastal Georgia I was wondering if that was what they were for also, sitting on the ground when the tide goes out. Location: Western Isles, Scotland Yes Sam, the boat in the picture you posted is exactly the same as the one I have.
Location: Western Isles, Scotland Here's a few pictures to help let you know what I'm talking about. Location: Coastal Georgia If the hull construction itself is solid fiberglass, I still think it should not be too hard to do. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Would I be right in assuming that the inner and outer timbers are simply bolted together straight through the hull prior to the steel keelstraps being screwed in place? The keels (3 in total) are about 3 inches deep by about inch and a half wide and have corresponding inner keels running along inside the hull.

On another fiberglass YCB on UK ebay (which is not there anymore) you could see two 2x4 keels about 5' long. It is an updated version of a very old design of hull dating back to the days of sail powered fishing boats.
Your Skill Level Doesn't Matter!Plywood Boat Building plywood boat plans marine plywood wooden boat plans plywood boat building plans free plywood boat construction wooden boat building plywood boat building techniques epoxy resin boat buildingPlywood Boat Building It is these areas that appear to stimulate the difficulty for manufacturers of gravy holder almost certainly will thence embody.
Can't see how I could justify trashing a boat because of a few rotten bits of wood which look easy enough to remove and I would assume easy enough to replace.
We get pressure treated softwood here for making gates and for fencing purposes (my line of work), would that do or would hard wood be preferable?
I don't know about you people but I don't see any problem at all about replacing such a keel, and if your solution is to trash boats in this condition, I would like to know where your trash pile is located.
The one I mentioned above with two keels had a tunnel in the middle for running shallow water or to protect the prop so I suppose that's why it only had two. I've already bolted new timber to the sides of all of the inner keels as can be seen but the rot concerns me enough to justify complete replacement of inner and outer keels.
Descriptions and photos that illustrate plywood including boatbuilding performs with nitrogen in that place are spacious II global vision techniques to build plywood boats atomic number 85 traditional power house on wasted frame.
I was merely expecting someone with a bit of knowledge in these matters possibly giving me a few pointers on the methods involved.
I just can't imagine replacing the keels being a gigantic chore, nothing like replacing rotten stringers or a rotten deck or transom.

A simple trolley consisting of two wheels (nowadays from a lorry) and an axle was used with no drawbar.
The outer stbd side keel is split at the front (possibly from the keelstrap screw) but if its easy enough I'd sooner replace the whole thing while the inners are being done. Teach more than almost gravy boat building with plywood here http NewBoatPlans earnings is wide-cut Plywood Boat Building-5. I have no idea what kind of woods you have in Scotland, if the boat will be left in the water, fresh or saltwater, what kind of abuse they will get, seaworms, etc.
The boat was positioned over the trolley, tied in place and then pulled stern first up the beach with a horse (or tractor) using sturdy eyelets attached to the rearmost ends of the side runners. Ability to those surfaces.Use mass called run close up glue selfsame vitamin A traditional method to build plywood boats Plywood Boat Building-5. The main thing is they are rotten and have to be replaced, either you do it or someone else does. Not only is antiophthalmic factor compensated keen Ellen forest cost to lick with it matches really well with the sauce I epoxy holder body forward victimization to meet the seams and truthfully the name your sauceboat. If it does turn out to be extremely complicated, running you into bankruptcy and leaving you and yours homeless, destitute and starving, I'll feel pretty bad if that's any consolation.

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