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Offering the greatest value to our customers, ElectraCraft sells electric boat motors nationwide. If you have built a lifestyle that centers on a harbor or lake, we’ll help you enjoy it to its fullest. ElectraCraft has branched out from it’s initial Southern California marketplace to include 32 other states. As we all are well aware, electric boat motors are a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, while enjoying a quiet, smooth ride.
Based in Hopkins, Go-Float boats garnered their some of their first brand exposure on and around Lake Minnetonka. The additional dealers are part of growing success the company credits in part to this year’s outboard electric motors boats shows. This may be because people are unaware of the range of motors available and the many appropriate types of boats for such motors.
Electric Yacht Propulsion Systems are COST_EFFECTIVE 1) being able to just turn the motor on for very short What many boats look like “under the hood.” Find all the manufacturers of Electric motor and contact them directly on Nauticexpo. Prior to bringing our motor down to the boat, we assembled the motor to the frame, clamped it to the workbench and connected the batteries to test it. Well suited to both freshwater lakes and rivers and saltwater harbors, ElectraCraft’s quality electric boat motor boats offer the perfect combination of high-end design, environmental responsibility, performance, and easy handling, all backed by lifetime limited warranties that are the best in the industry.

A recent report from the EPA says that outboard motors emit nearly 70 times the pollution as a typical family car.
You will also find ElectraCraft cruising protected waterways in England, Holland, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Cayman Islands and China. ElectraCraft electric boat motors offer many creature comforts such as sound systems, heaters, window enclosures and refrigerators, to name a few, allowing for full service and entertainment while cruising the water. Related gear including batteries, chargers, inverter-chargers, DC to DC converters, and solar panel arrays. Experience the joy of owning an electric sailboatthe mystical quality of moving silentlythe fishing advantagespower tackingelectric motor sailing in light air Anybody have any feedback on one of these? Motenergy ME0909 Brush-Type Permanent Magnet Electric Motor 24-48 VDC 4 HP 3,984 Rugged brushless 48 and 24 volt electric motor Motor controller Belt-driven reduction and services to help you select, design, install, and maintain your Electric Sailboat. The 23cs is an (optionally) electric boat with sleeping quarters, plus a few other tricks up its sleeve.The Energy 23 debuted at the 2013 Boot Dusseldorf show. Today, alarming levels of marine and freshwater pollution from a variety of sources are leading more lakes and waterways to outlaw gasoline and diesel boats. ElectraCraft’s ongoing commitment to customer service is the reason why ElectraCraft has the highest percentage of repeat customers in the industry.
With an ElectraCraft electric boat motor, your lake or ocean bay becomes an extension of your home.

Report: outside forum guidelines Find great deals on eBay for boats electric motor and electrical boats.
Electric Boat Motors – Elco produces fully integrated electric inboard boat motors and drives.
The boat isn't solely an electric, instead offering a thorough list of drive options, with 10.5- and 14-hp electric systems among them. Electric boat motors make more and more sense and also cost significantly less to operate relative to a gas or diesel powered boat! We are all committed to maintaining the highest level of customer confidence this represents.
Unlike any other electric boat motor on the market, this particular electric boat motor has 11 hours of run time, can easily push a 28,000 pound sailboat We convert gas and sel sailboats to clean quiet green electric power. The 48-volt electric motors from Aquamot pair with a standard 12-kWh AGM battery pack (24 kWh available as an option) plus charger.
I signed up with sailboatowners because I read some comments about electric auxiliary power on, I believe the Beneteau forum.

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