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Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Vlad Murnikov, who is behind the concept, is an innovative designer who believes as I do ,that it is possible to build a monohull sailboat that can beat a multihull.
Windsurfers have beaten most multi speed records with some exceptions and the Moth is faster than any beach cat under 20'. Location: Roaring Forties I believe it's possible too Doug, but the current concept doesn't seem suitable for a circumnavigation. Aside from getting stuck in fishing nets and other debris, the bulb canting keels are no doubt more vulnerable than a keeled hull. As far as a canting bulb keel goes, almost every major monohull round the world race is sailed in boats with just such a keel-and despite popular scuttlebutt to the contrary, they have proved remarkably safe-particularly in recent years. I'd be leery of making engineering judgements of Vlads prototypes from very, very early renderings. The longer you go in a boat like this, the increased liklihood you'll have problems with the vulnerable parts I described before.
No disrespect to the notion of going faster, but reliablity & durability are key design components of endurance racing hulls. Location: Melbourne, Australia So far none of the boats with flying keel bulbs have proved to be super fast although they compare reasonably well with other canting keel monohulls. Originally Posted by Corley So far none of the boats with flying keel bulbs have proved to be super fast although they compare reasonably well with other canting keel monohulls. Doug - the pictures that you've shown are very informative - - however they are by no means - a round the world image - nor were they intended to be.
Location: Melbourne, Australia My apologies if I came across all furious I'm not it's just we are so inundated in these PR claims of performance all the time and its normally for boats that dont even exist. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. With Spring in the air, the timing is right to review the basics of high performance boat operation to ensure you and your passengers have a safe and enjoyable Summer on the water. Our operation guide is packed with general performance boating information including a list of descriptive terms relating to propellers, hull types and overall boat performance.  Let’s first review the various performance boat hull configurations.

I like to refer to catamarans (or cats as they are often called) as tunnel boats on steroids.
In Hi-Performance Boat Operation – Part 2, I will review the important things to consider when preparing your new Mercury Racing outboard or sterndrive powered boat for the upcoming season.
PublicidadEl barco mas rapido del mundo en dar la vuelta al globo terraqueo se llama Earthrace y salio el pasado abril desde el puerto de Sagunto dispuesto a batir el anterior record. Este barco hecho enteramente de carbono se propulsa con biodiesel por lo que la contaminacion que produce es casi nula, con lo que se ha ganado la felicitacion de ecologistas del mundo por demostrar que de una manera limpia, un vehiculo puede ser el mas rapido del mundo. I could see it doing well in a day race along the coast, but those parts just look too fragile to me for a 25,000 mile circumnavigation.
Structural fatigue appears to be a given considering the thin, flexible nature of the keel & lifting foil.
I looked at a new 18' canting keel boat to see if DSS was used could it replace the canting keel: answer-with the canting keel fixed the boat had more RM upwind with DSS-and way more off the wind. The hydraulic rams fail (several occurrences), and I recall a case from a few years ago where Sir Robin Knox-Johnson had to dive into the southern ocean in the Vellux 5 Oceans race to cut away a fishing net. I correctly remember the skipper saying - we could have gone faster but we needed to finish.
No money bet of how many break-up however 'B-P 5' didn't - so I feel (am very bloody sure) that these new yachts have a way to go yet. While I am going sailing a rather quick cruising tri in SE Asian waters - I'll never be good enough to do what any of them do however that's not my goal & I'm just a bit older these days. Geez, for the first 45 years of my life there was no chance in hell that you could convince anyone that a small monohull only 11' long could beat ALL beach cats under 20'! Similar to steps, the pad reduces the wetted surface area the hull runs on, increasing top speed with minimal affect on the ride quality. The sharp, 90-degree transfer where the tunnel sides meet the bottom of the sponsons helps the boat settle in the water as it enters a turn. En Junio, volvio a puerto habiendo superado al anterior barco que ostentaba el record por 14 dias.

Actualmente se encuentra a la venta por el modico precio de 1,5 millones de dolares, por lo que estara al ancance de los bolsillos mas adinerados amantes de la nautica. Si quieres ponerte en contacto con nosotros en relación al reportaje El barco mas rapido del mundo o con Mundo insolito.
We encourage new and current owners to review the book and then get some in-boat driving lessons from your local high performance dealer. The softness of the ride depends on the angle of the “V”, called deadrise, radius of the keel line and the use of strakes.  If  your boating is mostly in larger bodies of water such as the Great Lakes or open seas, you may want to consider a boat with this hull type. Mercury Racing offers a full-array of outboard and sterndrive propulsion options for the vee-bottom boater. Vlad is considering using both a version of DSS and a canting keel but I wouldn't say that configuration is final, a fixed keel + DSS simplifies things a bit. Those who do not have a qualified driving instructor in their area may want to consider Tres Martin’s Performance Boat School. The most recent change in this design over the past decade has been the incorporation of strategically placed notches or steps in the hull.
Air entering the tunnel generates lift as speed increases.The wetted surfaces and hull drag are reduced, for enhanced speed and ride quality. Remember someone has to get to the end of the race - be it - 24 hrs or around the world - not just around th block or down the road a bit. In general, they produce a smoother and faster ride over a vee-bottom in calm to mild chop. Our OptiMax 300XS is popular choice for those who choose outboard power for entry into the cat experience.

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