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Keeping Your Boat ShipshapePut your boat back on the water after boat repair services from All Seasons Marine. Seasonal PreparationMake sure your boat stays safe during harsh hot or cold weather with the help of All Seasons Marine.
Serving Joshua, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Abilene, Arlington, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, and all of Texas!
Sun Valley Fiberglass has been a family-owned business for over 35 years, and we bring a family mentality to our work. We take pride in offering the best possible service to our clientele, with fast work and long-lasting quality. Here are some pics of a Cosine Wherry I repaired, repainted, revarnished, installed a bronze bow eye, and fabricated a cradle system on the trailer.
I am interested in any better ideas for cradles for such a craft where the gap between the two 2x12 cradles is filled in. Bateau2 - Builder Forums • View topic - Transoms n' jackplates and all the cool stuff you bolt on. As I approach drilling 30 or 40 holes into my Phantom 18's transom I though it might be wise to pick the collective brain of the forum.
I'm guessing the hole pattern that comes with the motor will be used for drilling the holes into the jackplate.

SmokyMountain wrote:Casey - I would put a metal plate across to distribure the weight of the motor. We offer boat winterization and repairs to keep your vessel water ready, as well as boat consignment for watercraft owners in and around Grand Prairie, Texas.
We provide full-service repairs for everything from inboard engines to upholstery to keep your boat in peak condition.
We offer boat winterization that includes pulling the plugs out of the engine and draining the blocks, treating the fuel, and fogging the engine to prevent rust during storage. We offer only top notch materials and services so that you have no complaints when you head back to the waves.
Our service extends from Johnson County to cover the whole of Texas, and we try to keep our service convenient for our customers. Your work will never get farmed out to other contractors; we use our own equipment to provide you with the best possible fiberglass crafting using our own high-quality materials and state of the art equipment. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Overall, I had a good time working on this banged up Wherry, and the client was quite satisfied because her dad had built it, and he gave it to her when he died. Seats had to be repaired (dowels, screws, reinforcing strips of wood underneath) and revarnished.

Our staff also provides summerization which is basically the reverse of winterization, and oil changes. Our estimates are accurate and thorough so that you don’t get a nasty surprise when the bill arrives, and we work with your insurance company or warranty claim to spare you expense on your service. She just wanted it to be fully functional so she could use it again but the same boat built by her dad.
I figure flush with the top of the transom is a safe bet.It depends where you want the range of motion to start and the amount of setback the plate has.
Once I re-drill, If you want I can mail it to you or give it to someone at the Texas meet to give to you.AndrewThat would be great.
Otherwise over time water will rot out all that pretty plywoodThat's all the answers I know. Do I want the washer on the inside of the transom to lay over some of the epoxy plug and some of the wood?
Do I want the washer on the inside of the transom to lay over some of the epoxy plug and some of the wood?Very large washers on the back side, or backing plates.

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