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Florida Keys has been a favorite destination for fishing enthusiasts because of the interesting fishing ground and coral reefs present around here. Let me share a few tricks and tips to fix a boat with you, whether it's a small hole or crack, or larger scale damage.
I have what is probably one of the original Beverly dinghies, designed by Sidney Herreshoff for the Beverly Yacht Club in MA.
Our complete service center is staffed by a friendly certified team that will check, correct and maintain your vessel. Because storage can cause an unnecessary and possibly costly dilemma, it's important to service and maintain your boat before it hits the water. Whether your boat needs repair, or you are thinking about buying a pre-owned boat (at a great price) in need of repair, relaxing on the water can be as close as a phone call or click away.
AZ Boat Guys provides the best in boat repair, boat engine tune up, boat service, boat maintenance, boat winterize, personal watercraft repair, PWC repair, personal watercraft winterize & PWC winterize in the Arizona, Nevada & California tristate area including Fort Mohave, AZ - Lake Havasu, AZ - Parker, AZ - Needles, CA - Laughlin, NV. Serving Joshua, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Abilene, Arlington, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, and all of Texas! Sun Valley Fiberglass has been a family-owned business for over 35 years, and we bring a family mentality to our work. We take pride in offering the best possible service to our clientele, with fast work and long-lasting quality.

Dons 2nd Company was Donzi Marine  we could go on and on about the boats That Don Aronow produced at Donzi – but that would make this blog post 5 miles long  !they are still producing the Famous Donzi Sweet 16 and its a Icon in the boating industry and that design was responsible for many of the Famous boats that have been produced  The Donzi Sweet 16 is one of my favorite Boats and I just finished a Full Boat Restoration on a 1968 sweet 16  . This is just the beginning If you like what you see in this article of the 1969 Magnum Marine Maltese Marauder !
Here is another example of Boat Refinishing and Custom Graphics addiction of John Russo owner of Palm Beach Customs.
So as the boat paint job and now full restoration was under way we got to thinking what are we going to name it?
As you can see we replaced the entire dash and interior along with marine grade Berger carpet. If you like this post Check this HERE  and feel free to share with your friends and like our fan page.
1956 Chevrolet 2dr Belair Restoration Project    1956 Chevrolet 2dr Belair Restoration Project  210 with 265 V8 and 3 on the tree, Dug out from many years in a barn! We offer only top notch materials and services so that you have no complaints when you head back to the waves. Our service extends from Johnson County to cover the whole of Texas, and we try to keep our service convenient for our customers.
Your work will never get farmed out to other contractors; we use our own equipment to provide you with the best possible fiberglass crafting using our own high-quality materials and state of the art equipment.

It started out that my daughter and I were going to purchase this boat, clean it and just use it as is.
Then it came to me, clearly it was a jet boat that blew a Rooster- Tail about 60 ft in the air so there it was: Rooster Tail.
All wood for the seat panels were new and coated with fiberglass resin to keep the moisture out in case they got wet and a nice pearl white vinyl was used.
If you have a boat that needs gel-coat, fiberglass repairs and some updating or you are simply looking to get your boat name and some graphics, we are here to help.
Our estimates are accurate and thorough so that you don’t get a nasty surprise when the bill arrives, and we work with your insurance company or warranty claim to spare you expense on your service. The funny thing is, as I am writing this post anyone who knows me realizes that is just not possible.
That made me think about my favorite cartoon as a kid (plus my family owned a big chicken farm)  Foghorn Leghorn (loved that show). It did start out that way and the cleaning turned into removing all the carpets and interior then we faced the fact that it was going to be a canidate for a paint job .

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