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As one of the greatest fishing locations in all of Florida, Fort Lauderdale offers both avid and amateur fishermen a place to relax and reel in the catch of a lifetime.
Nabbing that illusive fish you can tell tales of should be your only concern when on a fishing trip. The open ocean provides a change of scenery and place where you can fish peacefully or enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of Fort Lauderdale. Enter your email address below to receive regular updates from us about everything going on at the marina. PRIVACY STATEMENT: Email links are provided as a means to contact us for additional information or to make comments. Minocqua Lakeside offers our customers the option to either pick up their rental or we can deliver it to you! With any luck, you’ll come back to dock with a smile on your face and a catch to be proud of.

Each of our rugged fishing boats comes with a center-console with a hull that’s perfect for fishing on, so you can keep your priorities in order.
Contact Atlantic Beach Clubs at (954) 376-3770 to rent a fishing boat, and we can have you out to sea in no time at all.
We make no warrantee or representation concerning the content of those sites or secondary sites to which they are linked. The sender's return email address will be used to respond to comments and questions and may be made available to others for the same purpose. Anything within in our fleet can be delivered to the surrounding Minocqua area at the customer’s request and the first five miles of a round-trip delivery are free!
If your mission is getting out on the water to try your luck at fishing, this gets the jobs done.
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Fishing boats may be rented for a half day, full day, multiday, or weekly (restrictions apply). Minocqua Lakeside offers FREE delivery to most of the boat landings located on the Minocqua Chain of Lakes.
We recommend that you to read the privacy statements of these sites since their policies may differ from ours.

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