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SD470 inflatable boats are made of 1100 denier Korean PVC fabric with polyester support that has excellent resistance to tearing, tension and breaking. Ceffyl Mor Ceffyl Mor is probably one fo the best known fishing boats in Aberdyfi having spent the whole of her life in these waters.
It is a much more heavy-duty PVC fabric than most of our competitors with 1000 denier PVC boats.

She was originally commissioned and ooperated as a commercial charter boat but has been in private hands for the past decade or so. She was built in 1974 by Pearson Brothers of Littlehampton on traditional lines with a straight stem, well rounded for foot leading to a long flat keel and transom stern. Construction is GRP with a marine diesel engine driving a three bladed bronze propeller through conventional stern gear at the end of the keel.

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