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Captain Frank had a request for an six hour offshore fishing trip that would be family friendly, the group was staying at the SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION RESORT on CAPTIVA. Everybody caught multiple fish, these small SKIPJACK TUNA fight exceptionally hard and are super fun to catch. We’re big advocates of catch and release, particularly for snook, but pretty much for most species. It is well worth the half hour drive from Fort Myers for a Sanibel fishing outing; we’ll catch fish and the scenery is beautiful.
We depart from Castaways Marina, Santiva, Sanibel Island, on the bay side, just south of the Blind Pass bridge to Captiva Island. So let’s go on a Fort Myers fishing charter – or let’s go on a Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva or Cayo Costa Island shelling guide trip.

We depart from Castaways Marina, Santiva, Sanibel Island, on the bay side, just south of the Blind Pass bridge to Captiva Island.  We also have a boats that leave from ‘Tween Waters and Jensen’s Marinas on Captiva, just another five or so minutes north of Castaways. The Ladies from Lake Bluff came onboard ready to party and catch fish, they certainly accomplished both objectives.
Fuer Information fuer deutsche Gaeste ueber Boot Touren, Muschel Touren, Tier- und Planzenwelt Touren, Kuesten Angeln, Tiefsee Angeln, Hai Angeln, in Ft. The Threadfin Herring have returned to Southwest Florida and with them the big Hammerhead are being seen more frequently. Lately crews aboard FISHMISSHAYDEN, fishing offshore of Sanibel and Captiva Florida have had quite a few opportunities to catch some nice fish.
The Snapper bite was outstanding in February, most trips caught between 50-100 fish per day.

Mangrove Snapper or Grey Snapper and Lane Snapper were frequently and quickly caught to the legal limits. On today’s Fort Myers fishing charter, … redfish biting in Roosevelt Channel and in the passes!
The SKIPJACK TUNA are running in huge schools acres across right now so that was the first target for the MISS HAYDEN. Probably the rarest fish caught hook and line fishing OFFSHORE or DEEP SEA of SANIBEL and CAPTIVA.

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