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Redfish, speckled trout, permit, tarpon, snook, and cobia are just some of the great fish species available here on the Central Florida Gulf Coast. Three time winner of the MET fishing tournament fly division for mackerel, trout , mutton snapper. The jacks and lady fish have been loaded up in some of the holes around Tampa bay.  The sheepshead are on the rock piles along the channel edges but the (Out of Season) grouper sometimes win out in the aggressiveness column making it hard to get to the tasty sheepshead waiting below!
Snapper are abundant all around the bay and are easy pickings in crystal clear water!  We have been picking up a mixed bag on the snapper holes including black drum, sea bass, grouper, porgy and grunts. As the water warms in I have been getting into the small bull sharks, the larger versions are hard to stop on light tackle but provide a good bit of excitement.  Tarpon are where they usually are and allow for a few opportunities during a 6 hour fishing charters Tampa bay.
This entry was posted in Fishing Reports and tagged Fishing Charters Tampa Bay, fishing guide tampa, Fishing Tampa, redfish, Snook, tampa bay fishing guide association, Tarpon, trout. Congratulations to Team "South Bay" for their first place win in the Hook and Sink fishing tournament.
Snook, also known as Robalo or saltwater pike, is one of the most sought after sport fish species in Tampa and Tampa Bay.
In Tampa Bay snook tend to congregate along the mangrove shorelines, around docks and bridges, and near sandy shorelines. Snook are year round residents of Tampa, however during the winter months of December and January snook are at their slowest and least aggressive.
Snook can be targeted with both live and artificial bait, however, many seasoned anglers swear by live bait like sardines and pilchards. Snook are very strictly regulated in Florida due to overfishing, so be sure to check with your guide on seasons and limits. Book your Tampa snook fishing charter with Tampa Bay Sportfishing Adventures and experience for your self the heart-pumping, rod-bending excitement of snook fishing in Tampa Bay.
I picked up my next trip at noon.We waited for the tide to change again and caught snook one after another for about 3 hours. Tagged with: Best tampa fishing guides, captain barry macfarlane, gulf to bay charters, redfish, snook, Tampa Bay flats, Tampa fishing chartersPosted in catch, flats fishing, flounder, redfish, snook, St.
Captain Dan is a master of the skills needed to locate and capture these shallow water sport fish. One of the front runners of fly fishing at Homossassa in 1975, where he learned the area from well known guide Capt. Knowing and following the laws and Tarpon regulations will help keep these exciting Silver Kings in an abundance for our future generations to enjoy the sport of catching and releasing Tarpon. Contact The Capt if you would like to experience Guided Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters, St.Pete Fl Tarpon Charters on our booking page today.
Snook can also be found along artificial reefs and wrecks, as well as occasionally on the grass flats. The action heats up with the water in early spring, and by late spring snook fishing in Tampa Bay is unbeatable. Because they are no longer commercially fished, snook are one of the best dining treats in Tampa.

Bob in Boca Grande this past June and let me tell you, it was an experience like nothing we've ever had! We left for the first trip at 7am and I had the bait caddy loaded yesterday evening so I could get a little sleep. His Tampa Bay fishing charters have options for deep sea fishing trips for grouper, snapper and kingfish or flats fishing trips for snook, redfish and trout. Coast Guard licensed full-time captain, he's fished in the Tampa Bay area for more than 25 years.
Cloud, Disney region, you owe it to yourself to try this fabulous fishing location, and maybe have your picture added here. Clyde Balch to new IGFA world record for tarpon on fly (12 LB.) Guided wife to winning Hillsborough Tarpon Tournament for largest tarpon ladies division , overall tournament champion , most releases and combined weight champion and IGFA world record speckled trout on 6 LB. Please follow all Tarpon regulation and help to insure the that these silver kings stay in an abundance for our future generations. Fighting a hard-running 8 pound snook on light tackle is Tampa backcountry charter fishing gold. During the summer months the warmer temperatures will slow the action a bit, with better fishing in the cooler evening hours.
You can’t purchase snook anywhere in Florida, so if you want to have a taste of this delicate, sweet fish, you have to catch it yourself. I’m taking tomorrow off to take the boat out of the water and replace some drag washers because we have burnt them up over the last couple weeks.
At age 11, Captain Barry walked to the park near his house by the Alafia River and caught a 10 lb snook on the first cast.
There is no better reward after a day of explosive strikes, hard runs and soaring leaps on the water than a dinner featuring a snook caught on your own line! The swim bladder of these fish connects to the fish's throat and they can use it as a primitive lung.
Just be sure to prepare the snook skinless because the soapy flavor of the skin will spoil the delicate flavor of the meat. This allows the smaller and younger fish to gulp air when the water is low in dissolved oxygen.
This is a common occurrence in the shallow backwater bays during the summer, the place where small tarpon spend most of their time. Regardless of the season, He knows where the fish are and can get there in his very comfortable shallow running Andros 26' boat.
One of the ways to scout for the presence of the "silver king" is to look and listen for tarpon to "roll" on the surface. He provides his anglers with top notch fishing gear and a great history of his home waters, Tampa Bay. That's when they gulp air and pass it into the swim bladder.Tarpon begin their spawn in mid May and reach peak activity in June and July.
If you want to have a fantastic fishing trip in Tampa Bay, I highly recommend a charter with Capt.

The fish swim offshore to spawn but within 30 to 45 days, the young fish that have survived are an inch long and are moving into the estuaries where they will live for the next few years. The small fish move far up the tidal creeks looking for small protected areas where they can live and escape their predators. Some of these fish become land-locked in small ponds and ditches as summer rains subside and the mangrove forest dries out.
Oh yeah, and his boat is awesome!-Vinny Imbro Truly the best fishing experience in all of Tampa.
I have fished all over the world and never had more action than a day with Matt and his awesome 1st mate. When you combine this with the $50 special tag that anglers need in order to take a specimen, the number of "kills" attributed to anglers goes down even further. Big fish require big tackle and those going after the 150 ponders and up need to use a seven to eight foot stout rod and a reel capable of holding 200 yards of 15-30 pound test line. If you are lucky enough to make time to fish, he's the guy you want to guide your adventure.
Use 30 pound test backing and have at least 200 yards on the spool in addition to the fly line.Whether using conventional tackle or a fly rod, a 20 to 40 pound leader, depending on the size line you're using, is necessary.
Attach a one foot piece of 100 pound test line to the end of the leader and tie the hook to that. Matt has not only put me on fish every time I have booked a charter - He got me my biggest tarpon ever 150+!!!
The heavy line is necessary helps prevent the fish from fraying or chewing through the line. Many anglers tie a Bimini Twist on the end of their spinning or plug rods and then tie the leader to that. Tarpon will also take other live baits such as large shrimp, lady fish, catfish, and pin fish.
When tarpon are feeding on a school of bait fish, they stun some fish as they attack the school. A piece of cut bait apparently resembles a stunned fish close enough for a tarpon to go after it.Spinning and casting anglers can use lures that resemble mullet and other bait fish. Some of the more popular lures used by tarpon anglers are the Zara Spook, Creek Chub Darter, Chartreuse Bomber Long A, 52m MirrOlure, Bagley Finger Mullet, Ratlin' Flash, and Ratl' Trap.
Experienced anglers usually replace the hooks that come on the lures with 3X strength hooks because of the tremendous biting force of the fish.Streamers are considered one of the best tarpon flies.

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