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Location: Yemen Hi every body I have a boat 13m it is a v bottom hull not much at the transom about 12dig dead rice , I want to fix single engine with shaft and prop , I have to make a tunnel to get the propeller clearance question is what is the best rudder position to get the best performance. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The Blazer aluminum boat designs have evolved from the many years experience of Tom, Ira, Phil and Calvin, their innovative boat designs and options are continually being created.
Blazer Boats offers many options to enable you to customize your boat the way you want it designed. If I put the rudder blade complete inside the tunnel (rudder blade will not come out from the end transom.

Their goal is to build a quality all-welded aluminum boat that will perform well for pleasure boaters and fisherman alike, at a competitive price.
Choose from many of their options, whether it be livewells, dry boxes, rod boxes, deck extension, rear deck options, storage, consoles, and even dress up your Blazer boat with diamond plate trim on the corners, bow plate, knee brace or transom pad.
Or move the rudder blade to stern so rudder blade will come out of the transom end about half of the rudder.
They build two different flat bottom boats, one is a standard flat bottom and the other is their own original design, the Blazer Sport, which features a long rake. The customized options are  unlimited and are chosen by you, the customer, when you order your new Blazer Boat.

We build different sizes of these options and also custom build options that are not listed.

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