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The Lake Union Floating Home by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects follows in Seattlea€™s long-standing tradition of homes on the water a€“ literally.
I recently came across a brochure for The Opera, which has to be the Rolls-Royce of all camping trailers.
In case the thought of living aboard a houseboat has ever fired your imagination, know that you are not alone.
One of the biggest problems of truly living on the water is, of course Organic + Nomadic = Green Floating Home Design Idea. This custom designed tiny house on wheels by Tiny Living Homes features a spacious kitchen and a bedroom loft as well as a storage loft. This modular floating house in Alqueva, Portugal designed by Friday SA has been designed with low environmentally impactful materials and technologies that reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy needs. This transformative 224 square foot tiny house in Northern California designed by Josh and Shelley has inviting spaces for entertaining friends.
The team at Tiny Heirloom based in Portland, Oregon can help you customize a mobile tiny home according to your lifestyle and preferences.
If you are interested in creating your own floating home you might want to check out the book Handmade Houseboats: Independent Living Afloat. Also check out the Paycheck Shantys located at OneUglyBoat for more ideas of building your own floating retreat.
I tried using Google’s translation service on the URL with no luck but I was able to translate parts of the article with a copy and paste into their tool.
These questions would need to be answered if you are planning to live this lifestyle and you would need to know these regulations before you park your floating home.
I am also looking for Harolds info, would love to drop him a line in regards to his expertise in boat canvas work! Award-winning design firm Carl Turner Architects is back with a unique design for a home that addresses the growing problem of flooding around the UK and in other parts of the world. CTA’s Floating House design is adaptable so the home can be supported on a number of different structures, depending on the environment. The Floating House design comes from a different mindset about architecture, and  CTA intends to make the plans available for download from an open source website. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
I myself will design a "floating Waterside Home" of a design that will fit in and be aesthetically pleasing!

If you love waterfront living, check out this floating lake house by Designs Northwest Architects.
The light on the ceiling of a floating home is much more dramatic than typical residential design. Located where Georgian Bay meets Lake Huron, this floating house by Michael Meredith of Toronto-based MOS.
We have seen a growing interest in all things Kent, who inspired our American version of this impressive design.. Luxurious, beautifully spacious, custom built floating homes are perfect for the empty nester or relaxing family.
This collection spans the extremes of design and brute-force ingenuity: from the obscenely luxurious to the absurdly simple. This custom tiny home on wheels features cedar and poplar on the exterior and reclaimed barn wood on the interior.
This beautifully constructed tiny house by Timbercraft Tiny Homes is a cozy modern home on wheels. This floating retreat is located somewhere in the Swedish Archipelago, where it is off the grid and a long ways from anywhere. A houseboat is the ultimate solution if you want to live like a multimillionaire, but have more ideas than money.
John found two identical doors in Nacka Architectural and put them opposite each other – one in the bathroom and the storeroom. Chairs are from Ikea and the kerosene lamp on the ceiling is newly manufactured, from Brass Master in Stockholm. Just bend down and take the sea water in a bucket, warm it on the stove and wash the dishes in a tub of hot and cold. Houseboat is the best solution if you want to live like a millionaire with more ideas than money. Plus my lack of the Swedish language makes it difficult for me to contact the owner and answer these questions. CTA created a Floating House that works with the environment, rather than trying to work against it.
The challenge called for architects and designers to address the UK’s underused waterways and the increasing problem of floods in residential areas.
The lightweight home could be built atop a solid base in a flood-plain, on piling, or on a floating base more similar to a houseboat.

In terms of construction, many options are available to potential homeowners, including 3D printing and CNC milling machines.
One of the team suggested cutting the shipping containers in half sealing them up and using them for the pontoon that the shipping container house sat on. We love the relaxed look and feel of this awesome floating house on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington, there's no escaping the nautical theme. House Boat Plans so you Build your Own Houseboat, Plans for free with with Tips and Where do we draw the line when it comes to houseboats or floating homes? This functional mobile vacation cabin allows you to be closer to nature and to avoid crowded and expensive hotels. It has an outboard motor on the back to move it around and flip up steering wheel on the roof. The interior is finished off with white painted boards and cabinets which makes the space seem larger than it is. It can be parked on a lake or in an ocean inlet, and when they want to change their address, they start up the motor and move someplace else.
The design is part-floating house, part-boat, and 100 percent self-sufficient, carbon-neutral home that generates its own electricity with built-in solar panels. Inside the home, the living space is constructed of super-insulated timber, measuring approximately 46 feet long by 15 feet wide. The general idea is that the house could be built as components, either by the owner or subcontractors, and then the pieces could be assembled on site in just a couple of weeks. The timber house extends its casual aesthetic indoors, where interiors are finished with sea-themed elements like the exposed wood-beam ceilings, the natural wood and steel stairway, and circular porthole-style windows. The homea€™s unconventional location is complemented by an equally unconventional yet totally luxurious interior layout that places a€?privatea€? spaces a€“ the bedrooms and baths a€“ on the main level enveloped in large store-front windows; while the homea€™s a€?public spacesa€? a€“ living and dining areas and a powder room a€“ are housed on the upper level. Gardens have also been incorporated into the design, on the base as well as on the roof level. Follow the elaborate spiral staircase up to the top level, where youa€™ll find outdoor living spaces incorporated into the design, maximizing on the spectacular surroundings a€“ an open kitchen, spacious north and- and south-facing terraces, and a rooftop deck. A spiral staircase leading up the house exterior adds to the home's distinct style and leads you up to the rooftop, offering views of the water and surrounding city.

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